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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Anonymous , 01-09-2010

Lohi´s - I agree with you. The Huhuran Fushi Hotel is not worth it. The very last day some hotel staff opened our surfboard bags and stole 300 euros. The Hotel didn´t accept their responsability. They were so miserable to us. In that Hotel they just want your money. They will steal you or charge you 40 dollars for using the internet.You are just a walking dollar.
By the way, the wave is good.

By Anonymous , 20-11-2008

lohifushi - The wave is really really perfect big or small is always perfect...preatty easy very mellow sometimes u can get a barrell but the only problem is the resort....horrible superexpansive...bad people in fun...and they charge too much for everything! the waves worth it but maldives have so many perfect points soooo...don t go to the honduran fushi!

By Anonymous , 20-10-2008

Barrels - Hi, im thinking of going there, i´d like to know if its easy to score barrels there or is it too hard ?

By mchallo , 02-01-2008

lohis july 07 - awesome

By Anonymous , 08-10-2007

Feb - Honeymoon - Hi,
I'm planning to spend my honeymoon over the resort.
My plans are to stay for 12 days during the month of febuary. Does anyone knows if the surf is ok? 2ft? clean?
Is the resort a good place for honeymoon?
Thanks for the help.

By Gee, , 14-07-2007

Epic - Just got back from 2 weeks at lohi's and it was epic! Surfed every single day! Worst it got was sideshore 3ft! Most of the time it was chesthigh and clean, with one or two days double overhead! When it's big it's a heavy wave, snapped my board and a few other peoples. If your going take at least 3 boards! Wave is reserved for guests at the island (Anyone staying anywhere on the island with any tour operator). So boats can't rock up to the spot and surf it, only island surfers. Water is quite deep, and rocks are flat, but it does get shallow further down the line. Most of the time wave is empty, with everyone opting to go out on the boats, however when its small, every man and his dog is out there! Truly epic wave, picture perfect. Any pictures questions, email me

By Rob , 25-04-2007

cheap options - Hey guys!
Anyone knowes if there are also cheap options to stay at lohis? or how much do i have to calculate per day?

By Gee , 16-04-2007

Sweet - Awesome, sounds like surfing the wave will be free, like it should be!!

Yeh if you go to Dhonveli you have to pay $125 to surf the local wave, thats even without stepping foot on a boat! Its the same price if you want to use the boats.

If you book with Atoll Adventures then the price is included in the package tho (but very expensive). I hear that their contract is up this year, so im not sure what will happen to pasta point now...

By , 20-02-2007

Lohi´s - Hi folks!

Was in Nov 2004 on Lohifushi. We bookes an all inclusive package. We surly din´t had to pay for the wave. Just grab your board and jump in - and enjoy...great wave!

My question is: Did you really have to pay 150 dollars per day for surfing dhonveli ? I thought when you booked a package deal with for example beach bungalow and food - i mean when you booked a holiday on this island the you can surf the wave for free, right?

So, when you have to pay, how can they control that. Do they have securitys or something.

Another question: Is it possible on dhonveli to get a boat there to the other surf spots, like chickens, coke,...?


By Gee , 04-02-2007

Not another private wave?? - Hey guys, wondering if you can help me out. Ive booked to stay at Lohi's (Huduranfushi) with a package holiday tour operator (First Choice) so im not stayin with WAVERIDERS etc. Ive emailed them and they tell me i dont have to pay to surf the wave on the island, im not all that convinced tho. Its just last year i did the same and went to Dhonveli, where i had to pay $125 a day to surf Pasta Point!!!

Any info wud be much appreciated!!!

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