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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Maldives Mo , 12-06-2008

Chickens is no good - Don't bother. Great if u love paddling against rips and love fat waves. Much better waves at cokes or the other breaks further south. If it looks good its average. If it looks bad don't even think about it.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2007

Real smooth - I surfed it for about a week in early Sep 07. I got 4 to 6 feet everyday - better on the full tide. It can be crowded in the early morning, but around lunch time it is usually deserted. At the inside peak you will get a stepper take-off and a longer wave but if you try the main peak and if you are fast enough it may ride the all wave - some 150 yards. Perfect for intermediate surfers and longboaders.

By Harry , 15-10-2006

Chickens...The Best - I have just reciently been on a surf trip to the maldives and surfed chickens a bit. There were a few people out but it was managible. You just have to watch out for the Italian surfers. They are agro and always drop in on you. They are so anoying. But the surf was epic. One somedays there is a really steep takeoff and on others it is the easiest takeoff in the world. There is a nice rippable face that is perfect for long cutbacks and those sort of maneuvers. It is a must surf, along with Cokes. They are both awsome surf spots

By JPT , 07-09-2005

Still Not Crowded - Chickens is still not crowded at all. I scored head high waves all to myself on a saturday. Cant get that here in California.

By boris the spyder , 08-10-2004

chickens is a great wave - I surfed it about 5 years ago and have been to Tavarua twice since. Chickens at 5 feet hawaiian is very similiar to Cloudbreak at same size. We got Colas double overhead plus on the same day. What a bitchen place, although I hear that its more crowded these days.

By dubl a of the OC , 30-09-2003

Chickens Sept 2003 - The two days I surfed Chickens it was overhead to over double overhead. Hollow and shifty and not a good place to get caught inside. Got caught inside on one of the biggest sets and paid dearly. Catch the right one though and you will be stoked. You will get a semi steep drop and then if it is lined up enough, pull in and hope you come out. A lot heavier than I expected or how it is portrayed in the surf media. Right across the channel from the most photographed wave in the Maldives, Cokes.

By RY , 01-01-2003

Chickens not Cokes? - Probably mean Chickens and not Cokes or Colas ( cause of the factory on the island). Great left but we hit strong currents on the day. Worth the effort, long and clean.

By anonymous , 25-10-2001

Amazing left - When I arrived at Cokes by boat i thought i would have some fun. I got the first wave and i could not believe what was going on...perfect and long left... it is possible to maneuvers several times and at the moment you drop out of the wave you are completely satisfy.

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