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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 07-12-2008 - some info about cheratingpoint

By MVTV Global Sdn Bhd , 18-12-2007

Live Webcast - Free video-Live Streaming Cherating Surf at &

By Pete Smith , 22-11-2007

Wind direction? - Hi Guys, Whats the good wind direction for Cherating & Quarry?
Will be down next week & looking forward to hopefully sharing some waves with the local guys & girls. Thanks, Pete........

By Anonymous , 21-03-2007

Malaysian surf site -

By Bonny , 19-12-2006

Rent a board - Any place to rent a surfboard there?

By Victor Jun , 06-12-2006

Surfing Cherating? - I'm looking for friends who can surf with me!
I have a plan visit Cherating on Christmas time! Of course for surfing.
However I do not have enough info where to stay and where to surf.
Does anyone can help me?
Appreciate! If you can recommend me hotel and surf spot. or hopefully surf together!
Regard, Jun

By Anonymous , 31-08-2006

Its good - I surfed it back in 2001/2002, I had so much fun, the wave really is as long as they say. Only got it shoulder high but heard tales of over head and barrelling from some friends.

By Anonymous , 06-07-2006

you should be ashamed.... - Anyone who has ever been to cherating to surf was undoubtedly asked before he or she left not to reveal this spot to the world. It saddens me to see that it now sits here on I kept my promise to the locals, too bad someone else had to ruin it for them....

By Jack...The Aussie , 27-06-2006

Cherating FTW - It's true, this wave is awesome for surfers and bodyboarders alike. i bodyboarded the when i lived in KL for 3 years, seriously, it is as good as it seems. the waves don't seem as long ona bodyboard (not as much speed) but on a mal...F**K it's long, it took my dad half an hour at least to walk back out to the point, and that was ona smaller, 3ft day. although i have never seen it barrel, it definately has the potential to do so...

By Paquito , 17-06-2006

Looks promising - Hope the pictures are true. I am headed to work in KL and I am excited to check out the spots=)

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