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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West Coast


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By oki is a waste of , 13-02-2007

Oki Surfing re: - I was in oki for 6 months of a deployment with full use of a vehicle everyday. I would NEVER recommend surfing oki or even bringing a board, the waves are few and far between plus battling with the locals who have no idea what snaking and dropping in constitutes. All the locals are like little groms on longboards paddling for EVERY set wave and refuse to get off unless you pull them onto the beach and beat them within an inch of their life which happened a few times. Typhoon season is the only time these tools see swell.

By Xavier et Gwelt , 05-11-2006

Bullshits!!! - Where do you get your informations????
Wintertime is just basicaly snow and freezing temps!
Water temp must be around ten degs. Not much.
The sand is snow covered and the wind freezing as hell.
waves are really good, but as a local I'm really surprised that you don't mention the right spots.....As Toriihama and Hamazume...just to name a few

By Tora , 02-11-2004

Shizuoka/hamamatsu water quality - Yeah, theres waves to be had around Hamamatsu, but watch out for the bad, bad, awful water quality. the water is alive with trash and dead shit, making a session in this toxic slick sick soup pretty much a waste of time. Head to Omaezaki for a better chance of clean waves - locals can be wankers, but the Brazillian guys are pretty cool.

By , 19-09-2003

Oki surfing - I just came from Oki too and if you think there is no surf you are crazy. I hear from a lot of people that there is no surf on island and I was crazy for going all the time. Just like in these messages people are saying most people that do surf on Oki are from Neb or Oklahoma and have never seen good surf, that is just bullsh#t. Most of the people I ran into that said that also told me they were junior pro surfing pipelines, cpt of football team, all state and wouldn't bother with Oki's piddley waves. Seems to me if you actually went to the breaks you junior pro's and anyone that said there was no break would have seen on avererage head to overhead with long clean lines. Amazing too that these people who know sooo much about surfing and have been doing it all there lives would be content to pack up the board for 1,2 or 3 yrs on island because of small waves. I tell you what, I was never junior pro, cpt of the football team or all state, I just love to surf, for the small days I used a long board, big a shorty, because I love to surf. You can always tell when someone doesnt surf because only someone who never actually surfed would say that Oki has no waves. It is easy to call yourself a surfer and talk about how good you are when you dont have to prove it. Its like saying I am straight but oki women have squinty eyes so I don't have sex anymore. Just look at any beach near high tide sunabe sea wall, Ikea Island, tengan peir, etc and look at the many, many people japanese and american surfing. I rember being at a break with at least 30 people all around me, but we must have been just floating because (according to these pro surfers on this page) there is NOO waves on Oki. email me and I will send you pics of the(according to you all) nonexsistant 6ft waves in oki.

By anonymous , 19-07-2002

Surfing the Rock - I was stationed in Okinawa from 1988-1994. Prior to arriving I was told by a non-surfer that there were no surfable waves. The first day I arrived, I was hating myself for listening. I found some beautiful waves within minutes of Kadena AB. I immediately had my boards shipped. There are numerous surf spot that produce minature Hawaiian style surf. For god sake, Okinawa is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, of course there is going to be surf. You have to really watch the tides unless you don't mind some serious reef rash. Surf is rideable 2 hours before through 2 hours after high tide. Some of the best spots I have ever riden during my six year tenure are Turtles, Ikie Island, Jacks Hole, and Kadaka Island. Kadaka Island is by far the best surf on the island. The draw back is that you have to hire a fishing boat or take the ferry accross. Try to time it so you can maximize high tide. Plan on spending a few hours with the locals when the tide is too low to surf. I wish I could return and stay in Okinawa forever. Definitely a surfer's best kept secret.

By anonymous , 07-04-2002

Sorry your looking in the wrong place. - Unfortunately, there is little or no surf here. Most of the military guys surfing here are from Kansas or Nebraska or somewhere else. Even during a typhoon, the continental shelf kills it before it gets here. the phillipines block the rest. Leave your boards at home guys.

By the truth , 07-03-2002

Its true - Its true that Okianawa has little or no surf, even in a Typhoon you have to be very very lucky. Most gaijin that surf in Japan have never surfed anywhere else, they know no better

By anonymous , 09-02-2002

reminiscient of the gulf coast - really, there aren't any waves here. if you're coming this way, leave the sticks at home...some kind of cruel joke, waves in Okinawa!

By Kevin , 09-02-2002

no title - Damn!!! Now the secret is out!

By Sponger Dave , 24-12-2001

you're off.......... - You got Turtles and Steps right beside Maeda, Turtles and Steps are a stones-throw from Kadena Marina and one another, (right about where you have Turtles listed) and Maeda is on the Eastern-most flank of the small peninsula. Nobody'll take you seriously unless you post the spots where they need to be. Not a bad site but you need to get the word out.........

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