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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 07-09-2007

no Western Kochi beaches??? - Some of the best surf beaches in Kochi (in Japan even) are located in western Kochi, but nothing west of Kochi city is included. A lot of Japanese make the trip down to Ohki beach, near Ashizuri cape (the southern tip of Shikoku) the beach has good camping, friendly locals, a nice onsen and very decent waves.

By , 03-06-2007

fingers crossed - Hello there im heading to Kochi for a year to teach engrish. Does anybody know if i should bring me own surf stick or are they really expensive over there. Also what are the waves like? Should I get a wee moped to head to the coast or is it too far? C ya in the water!

By andy , 30-10-2005

just arrived in japan - gday fellow surf rats,
i just arrived in japan for a year and have got a flat near osaka (nara). im keen as to get some waves but dont no how to get to the surf spots if there is anyone out there keen to get a wave with me im at cheers,

By anonymous , 05-09-2005

Ikumi Surf - Just went surfing in Ikumi about 3 days prior to typhoon hitting and the swell was huge! Camped in a tent that was hotter than hell though, but the incoming typhoon meant that on 400 meters of beach it was just me, ma mates, and around 10 other people. If you can get yourself to Tokushima, then the train down the coast is really simple and the walk afterwards not too long. Well worth it.

By anonymous , 31-05-2005

mill - when i think japan i think where are all the pictures..????

By , 01-10-2003

surfing and maybe more - heading to japan with buddy for some hot surfing action and hopfully some hot young men. willing to exchange english teaching skills for hot hard fun and lodging
if anyone has any leads let us know

By , 29-07-2003

need local knowledge - will be in kobe sept 9-13 for short visit, and would love to get a session in somewhere. any ideas for borrowing boards, trasportation, etc.?

By , 28-06-2003

Niyodo river location - You have put Niyodo on your map next to Aki. It is infact closer to Kochi city located 5kms west of Kochi, about 35kms west of where your map locates it.

By , 31-10-2002

Teaching English in Japan - Hi,

I was thinking of doing the same, Teach english in Japan. Try to log in some water time too. What is the h20 temp like and when is the best season for waves etc. Anyone out there with some insight?

By anonymous , 14-10-2002

Miyazaki - Hey Dude. I often think about going to live there too.
I think it rocks.But.Did you know that Japan is the most surfer densly populated country in the whole world???
You've seen nothing until you come here mate. My Japanese friends come back from the gold coast saying it was nice to surf without crowds!!!

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