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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Kim , 15-05-2010

Any Sand breaks here??? - I just moved here from Washington and I've never surfed reef breaks so got to get into it slowly but are there any sand breaks on the island? If anyone knows of some shoot me an email thanks!

By Anonymous , 05-05-2010

OKI SURF - I was stationed in Okinawa for 7 years and had some great surf sessions with Bob and the 15th TRS Crew, we took the Ferry out to the outer islands and caught some epic sessions. Saturday morning we would load up the van and head to Ieki Island and surf until we could barely lift our arms. Long paddle out but well worth it. I'm on the Gulf Coast now and wish we had the quality and consistency of the waves in Oki.

By Chris , 15-07-2009

Consistency - I am thinking of taking a job in Okinawa. I live in San Diego at the moment where the surf is generally fairly consistent. How consistent is the surf in Okinawa? Are we talking a few good swells a month, or a few good swells a year? Is there an off season?

By ayano , 14-06-2009

beginner surf lessons - i will be in okinawa for the entire month of july. i want to start surfing! are there any surfing lessons available? please let me know at my email thanks!

By Anonymous , 29-04-2008

Looking for surf lessons - I'm going to Okinawa in the middle of august and are looking for surf lessons for 1-2 weeks? Please contact me if you know somebody or if you know a school!

By Brett , 22-02-2008

Surf Lessons - I am looking for surf lessons if anyone knows of a good place or someone willing to teach let me know. Thanks

By mv , 09-10-2006

best season - Is the best season for waves the same as Indonesia's? Is the surf on the island of okinawa better than that on amami oshima? Any help would be appreciated.

By , 09-09-2006

kerama - yep surf on all the isalnds miyako and keramas, just need to have the right swells and tides to make em work there are no maps or anything like that for either miyako or keramas, still pretty unexplored. check with sea dancer surf shop on miyako and some of the hotel beach staff on zamammi to head you inthe right direction

By , 30-08-2006

Can you surf on Zamimi (one of Kerama islands) off of Okinawa? - I am thinking of travelling there in about a week's time. Any idea if there is any surf, is it longboardable, can you rent/borrow gear, are they reef or beach breaks, how big etc.

Any guidance greatly appreciated,

By , 30-08-2006

Can you surf on Zamami (one of Kerama islands off of Okinawa)? - I am thinking about travelling to Zamami (30 k off coast near Naha i believe) in the Kerama chain of islands in about a weeks time.

Is there any surf there? If so, is it longboardable or only shortboards? Where on the island is it? What type of break, is it left/right etc.

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