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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 01-02-2006

indo surf - Hey all,
Just want to know if i could get some advice on surfing in early july this year in indo.. Thinking about going on a lombok, sumbawa boat trip any comments would be appreciated to do with e.g. certain boats, certain agents to book with, prices etc. Looking for cheap..

By , 26-12-2005

good info website - Im goin to Indo in the middle of Feb 2006 for a month. Ive been to Asia before but not for surf, so Im suggesting a website for anyone that hasnt been to Bali or Asia. Its called Its pretty good information wise, swell report, travel info, balinese customs, stories from readers, etc. I think the guy who runs it is an expat from OZ. Dont quote me on that though.

By anonymous , 03-10-2005

February Surf in Bali - Hello Everyone,

I am planning a month long surf trip Feb 2006 and was hoping to go to Indo to score some barrels in warm water, something I am deprived of as a British surfer! The only thing is I am not sure of what the surf will be like in Indo in that month as I know it is not the best time of year to go.
Can anyone give me any feedback as to what I can expect consistency wise if say I went to Bali at that time of year? Also, what are the spots that are firing? Thanks in advance for any advice.

By anonymous , 28-07-2005

indo - well after the earth quake things have changed alot i went there in the july school holidays 2005 and we surfed a reefed that had just been formed by the e.q so we were probly the 1st to surf it..... so dnt be scared if u think all brakes are gone cause there there
and some breaks have gotn better such as nias the bay.

By , 07-07-2005

Buying boards - I need some information concerning buying boards in Bali, if someone knows if it's possible to buy a good board there and how much it will cost let me know thank's and good waves

By anonymous , 30-06-2005

- I cant help you to score some empty waves. But I can help you to ride some.

By Jake , 19-04-2005

Visas - Does anybody know if I need to get a visa to spend a couple weeks in Bali? If yes how do I go about doing this? Does any one know of a Indoensian Foreign Ministry website or something? Thanks, a million

By anonymous , 01-04-2005

G-Land ? - i cant find the spot g-land on this site ? help?

i want to know how crowded it gets in may and if its good to go then. i havnt been to bali before and i am going in may. also do the lombok sumbawa boat trips score empty waves or is it crowded. any help much appreciated

By , 29-03-2005

Tide Info - I use this software for tidal info anywhere in the world. It's free to download. You can get data according to location or by putting in lattitude and longitude. Great program.

By , 18-03-2005

Central Java, Jawa Tengah - Anyone know of/willing to share any accessible breaks in Central Java, especially within a decent drive, say up to 6 hrs, from Yogyakarta? Place names, villages, towns etc is all I need.. Will be studying there for 7 months from July, so i'll need some weekend waves for sanity's sake and i figure G-land or west Java are a bit too far of a drive on a friday arvo...

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