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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 03-08-2006

Surfboard shapers in Bali - Hi,

Has anyone got details of good surfboard shapers in Bali?


By Anonymous , 01-08-2006

No waves in Singapore - hiya, i'm from singapore and in response to your question below, there's no way you can surf in singapore. no waves. which sucks big time. some of the young locals here do skimboard but seriously, i don't even know why they even attempt to.

By Anonymous , 09-07-2006

hey singapore,, ? - I'm think of where to go next on my trip guys.. are they any good waves i singapore??

By Anonymous , 08-07-2006

Cuts - Just got back from ----- in indo. Much more swell/power than the mentawais. Nonetheless, indo does not generally have the power of places like Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, WA etc. What it does have though are some sharp, shallow ass reefs! Guarantee some cuts. Careful!

By Anonymous , 05-07-2006

when is the best time to go? - Hey all, I am a respectful traveler, interested in getting some feedback from people that have gone to Indo/Bali to surf. Questions: When is the best time to go? How long is a tourist visa? I'm interested in a 3 month stay, how do you go about extending the visa? Thanks.

By go now , 20-05-2006

the word is out - All the best secret spots are actually in EAST kalimantan, go there next off season. IT's SICK! also, don't tell anyone, but indo still has waves year round, now that's a secret worth knowing

By Jim , 14-05-2006

Back off Youth - For the love of the good lord above please don't 'spread the word' any further than it's been spread over here re: any (semi) secret spots that are still in existence. Don't go shouting about anywhere a local has been decent enough to take you where there aren't too many heads in the water - that person obviously thought you were capable of keeping your mouth shut, you weren't and you're right - they'll remember you.

Loose lips sink trips.

By generation Y-outh , 30-04-2006

ask around!!! - hey all keen bali a grom living in wollongong NSW. love 2500.heres the low down. ask around, even randoms out in the public dont be afraid get info take notes. visa to get into bali is roughly 25$US and you pay when you are getting off the plane. if your keen on tide info there is a surf shop in Nth Kuta,i think,called the Station. ask for a tide chart. rip curl provide them with these annually and it gives you a rough idea. dont surf what you have 'heard is good' ask taxi drivers where the best breaks are that are uncrowded.. and if they say ulu or kuta dont go!!!you can pick up if your lucky a local surfer who drives a taxi they take you to uncrowded spots and i was lucky to be taken to reefs just north of seminyak in what you think would be beach... make long time friends with a handful of useful locals... but be warned they will remember you!!! these people treat you like your family and will tell secrets of what they've heard or seen.... i ask questions and i feel i have a right to share the knowledge ive heard to others around the world.... remember 'search' for that perfect uncrowded line-up, and stay true to the surfing tradition. peace out. thanx to surfers who pass on info to keep the passion alive

By anonymous , 28-04-2006

- Bali, is great time for a beginner.. BUY YOURSELF A GOOD FUNBOARD. Practice on Kuta beach.. GOOD BEACHBREAK..IN THE MORNING..

By Paja_m , 21-04-2006

Bali in June? - Does anyone know if June is a good time to go to Bali? What nationalities dominate tourism in Bali at that time? I'm under the impression that hotels are really cheap, am I right? I'm also a beginner at surfing, can i find surfshops with boards for rent? Basically please tell me all that you know about Bali, concerning atmosphere, food, prices etc etc.Thanks!!

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