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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 24-02-2007

boots - hello
just buy in bali everything in bali is cheap
but most of the time you dont need them
and i prefer bear foots better connextion with the board
when you have any questions send me a email
we go two times a year already around 20 times
so have fun

By Seann , 08-02-2007

Reef booties - Im goin to indo in June aswell and reef boots are quite hard to find here in Wales so if anybody knows the prices on them in Indo then that would be most appreciated. Cheers!

By DeadCrow , 06-02-2007

Surf equip in Bali - Hey ,going to indo in June.I know i need surf booties(are they called this everywhere?) and will need surf tees and stuff. Does anyone know the prices of booties in Bali? or just whether equipment is expensive or not in Bali. Prices are pretty bad in Cape Town,especially for warm water gear.

By kode , 19-12-2006

Re: will i last a year or more - Yes, you could. I used to stay on Bali for about $10 per day (slept in the cheap hotel and ate 2-3times a day in the restaurant). And they say that Bali is the most expensive island in Indo. The only problem is that you get visa for only 2 months. Then you must leave the country (for example go to Singapore), get the new visa and return. That makes it more expensive.

By , 09-12-2006

will i last a year or more - I am planning to go to indo in june with $10,000+. how long do you think i will last. want to be on the move. no need for anything expensive. want to live like a boyscout(tents..ect.)like hippy style/ feral style. traveled alot not scared(think i can handle anything thrown at me). any suggestion?
greatly appreciated

By , 09-11-2006

sumatra december - Sumatra - going for work and will have time to get wet dec 8 - dec 13th. dont know where ill end up but hoping to get a few shacks. any empty boat spots? otherwise im land bound... Free to meet up either way. surfing for 20 years, am 30, and mellow. lemme know. thanks.ak

By greg , 05-11-2006

mentawais OVERCROWDED! - what a shit - i just came back from mentawais / sumatra - forget it - it was worst than kuta beach! i was there a few years ago when it was still a hot tip - but now it's more like ceuing in disneyland...

By razor353 , 17-10-2006

bali in january?? - i have never been to indo but am a surfer of intermediate standard,not much reef experience though.was planning on going to indo for a month after christmas,is it worth my while going in january???i need some consistent surf.

By FREDI , 14-10-2006

place for a beginner? - Hi folks, I just started surfing in France and now I`m planning to go to indonesia. Do you know if there`s a place which suits a beginner? Is it possible to buy boards there?

Best Wishes from the Isle of Ruegen (Baltic Sea/ Germany)

By Ryan , 08-09-2006

gorgeous island - bali is really beautifful island, u can find surfboard in a mall.. which is cheaper up there than in the usa.. the people are really nice and helpfull. the accomodation is really cheap for luxury hotel. u can deve there.. the beach is really clean.. i wanna go there again.. probably next summer

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