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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By oceannomads , 22-03-2010

sailing to panaitan and mentawais from bali - hi, we are living on a 39ft sailboat, leaving bali soon (april 2010) for panaitan and mentawais, sumatra, room on board for a couple extra surfers. email:

By bobby , 25-01-2010

cimaja surf spot - Hi folks,

there are variety waves in Cimaja area, you can find surf spot for beginner until pro, so come over to Cimaja, its quite nice place, not so crowded

By Allison Goodman , 17-11-2009

Al @ Lennox - Looking to get to West Sumbawa by fast boat - not interested in days of overland travel.
Anyone got any advice. Please

By Anonymous , 27-05-2009

Surf photographers/videographers for hire - Anyone traveling to Indo from June 23rd-Jul 23rd and would like to hire a photog for a portion of your trip? Let us know:
We will traveling all around for those 30 days: Bali, Mentawais, Nias, Deserts, Lombak, etc...

By Surfwoogie , 01-03-2009

Surf near jakarta? - In Jakarta. Looking for the closest decent surf spot around this time of year (march). Looks like most of the good breaks are a 2-3 hours away. I heard rumors of a break an Anyer beach? Any truth there? Anything within striking distance? Thanks.

By odie76 , 20-02-2009

Beginner surfer in Indo - Hi,
A friend of mine wants to spend some time in Indonesia this year. He is a complete beginner surfer, and he wants to stay somewhere where conditions are suitable for learning how to surf. He also needs to have access to the internet so that he can do research for his studies. He is open to staying in Bali or on another island, and he also doesn't mind if it's a touristy and busy place, or somewhere quieter and more secluded. I'd appreciate your suggestions.

By John Curto , 04-10-2008

Surftrip Bali Dec/jan 2009 - Hi everyone !!!. I need your help!! Someone has been in Bali in December/jan?.
1. It´s raining all the time?.
2. It´s good for the longboard?.
3. Nightlife is crazy?.
4. Is cheap the life there?.
5. How many beachbreaks will I find there?.
6. must I pay to bring my boards in Qatarairways???.

THAKNS IN ADVANCE. Good waves !!!

By BoardThijs , 01-04-2008

Surfing in Summer - Does anybody know what to expect from the surf during august?

By Eugene14m , 24-03-2008

the cheapest hotels&adresses in Kuta - Arena, of Poppies Gang 1 (tel 0361/752974). Good-value, modern place about 5min from the beach, with hotel rooms, bungalows, traditional cottages, some air-con and a pool. Most bemos and taxis will only drop off at the Maharani hotel on J1 Pantai Kuta, from where you'll have to walk. $5–15.

Arthawan, Poppies 2 (tel 0361/752913). Decent, inexpensive budget losmen right in the heart of Kuta's surfers'/travellers' hub. Rooms are quiet, if a bit faded, and breakfasts are huge. Under $10.

Bali Indah, between Poppies 2 and Jl Benesari (tel 0361/752509). Slightly shabby rooms in a block, and a bit of a trek from the beach, but rates are low. If full there are three similar options next door. $5–10.

Bali Sandy Cottages, off Poppies 2 (tel 0361/753344). Excellent-value, prettily furnished rooms set round a huge lawn. Quiet location, 3min from the beach and 5min from Poppies 2. $10–15.

Bounty Hotel, Poppies 2 (tel 0361/753030). Large, extremely good-value terraced air-con bungalows set in a garden. Two pools and big discounts. $40–60.

Jus Edith, south off Poppies 2 (tel 0361/750558). Basic rooms, but exceptionally cheap for the location, which is close to the action. Extremely popular. $5–10.

Komala Indah 1 (Jl Benesari), Jl Benesari (tel 0361/753185). A range of terraced bungalows set in a pretty garden. Some hot water. Under $15.

Komala Indah 1 (Poppies 1), Poppies 1 (tel 0361/754122). Compact square of terraced bungalows that's conveniently located and one of the cheapest places to stay in Kuta. Under $5.

Komala Indah 2 (Jl Benesari), Jl Benesari (tel 0361/754258). Simply furnished, inexpensive losmen rooms located on a quiet part of Jl Benesari that's just thirty seconds' walk from the beach. Under $10.

Old Poppies, Poppies 2 (tel 0361/751059). Attractive traditional-style cottages set in a beautiful garden, with use of the pool at Poppies Cottages on Poppies 1. $25–40.

Puri Ayodia Inn, Jl Sorga (tel 0361/754245). Well-furnished, inexpensive losmen rooms in a convenient but quiet location between Poppies 1 and Poppies 2. Fills up fast. Under $5.

Puspa Ayu Bungalows, Gang Puspa Ayu, off Jl Dewi Sartika (tel 0361/756721). The cheapest and most popular accommodation in this area, with decent bungalows 50m off the main road. $10–20.

Rempen, off Poppies 1 (tel 0361/753150). Well-kept rooms, some in a three-storey tower, others in terraced garden bungalows. Directions as for Arena. $5–10.

Sandat Bali Inn, Jl Legian 120 (tel 0361/753491). Right in the heart of the action, just a few metres from Paddy's Bar, with reasonable losmen rooms in a garden. $5–10.

Sorga Cottages, Jl Sorga (tel 0361/751897). Recommended, good-value, comfortable rooms (some air-con) in a three-storey block. Pool. $10–25.

By Anonymous , 22-03-2008

looking for advice - i am a solo girl thinking of traveling to indonesia in may.....any advice anyone might have would be greatly appreciated...(best spots for fun, not too crowded surf, good spots to stay close to breaks) is it safe to travel the coast of sumatra?...wannasurf says it's supposedly flat during that time of year, but i have heard otherwise......let me know what you think....many thanks........

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