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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By been there done that , 06-04-2003

advice - Yea, go to ache, North Sumatera!!!

By , 06-04-2003

War sucks - i'm looking to go here and do a little trekking for as long as my money will last me,I wish nothing but to come here and surf these perfect waves and learn about this great place and it's interesting culture. I want to take nothing and leave nothing. I've been reading books on the culture and i want to try and blend in as much as possible but i am 6'2" with sun bleached hair and round i'm guessing i might stick out as a westerner. And now with george bush and the funky bunch killing and maiming in the name of freedom (and imperialism) i'm worried that i might be judged as an american and not an individual. So has anybody been lately? Got any advice or experiences you'd like to share? thanks

By , 18-12-2002

Flights from London to Bali - Hi there folks,

I am heading out in March and was wondering if anyone knew where the best place to get a flight to Bali would be? I have friends in Singapore so I will stop there and go into Sumatra but can't seem to find anyone that will give me a quote to stop off in Bali on my way to Sydney. Does anyone know how reliable Garuda are at the moment?

When I eventually get there it will be be my 4th time in Bali - What a wonderful place and my deepest sympathy to the everyone affected by the bombing.

By An American , 03-12-2002

Re. Y.Y.B. - You write a good common sence advisory, give those guys some credit, and dont be such an arrogant shit! your advisory states how the world went, not how it goes!

By Yannick Yellow Board. , 16-10-2002

Keep oarks out of elves land ! - Please have a look at WannaSurf Forum, Spots and Surf, "INDONESIAN travel advisory #1" and #1.2, posted on 16 september.
It might help to have a better point of view on how the world goes.

By U.S. Patriot , 13-10-2002

You can run but you can't hide - You FUCKIN ASSHOLE terrorists!!! You will be found!!!My deepest sympathies to all affected from the Bali Bombings.

By Sur(e)fer real!! , 13-10-2002

Boom! - I saw that Bin Ladin had posted a message! Funny? Now the two most famous nightclubs in Kuta have been blown up! 180 people killed right in the centre of Kuta! I left two days before the blasts with good memories and many new friends. I had the waves of my life in Bali, I stayed in Kuta and it was great!! I'll try to go back next year! I think that people should. Just to show that terrorism won't prevail!
I'm a surfer and I think Usama should try it! Maybe he will find a new meaning with life then? (And hopefully be eaten by a great white in Australia).
Water is good!
Keep surfin! /R

By anonymous , 05-10-2002

no title - Well, as many of you may have notice this website as become commercial.
This doesn't make any sense for many of us who contributed freely to it. We don't like the idea people making money of that. Therefore as a protest friends and myself will begin to post fake spots a bit everywhere to try to make it a unreliable as possible source.
All of you are welcomed to participate.

By Osama Bin Laden , 16-09-2002

Chicks - Great surf, great chicks and lots of men with small dicks

By Nathan , 16-09-2002

Good surf - Poor country but great surf

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