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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By paddle attitude , 3 Jul

The surf Mequa - Indonesia is the real and only one surf mequa in the world ^^
You can surf world class waves and all types of waves, from kook to pro !
You can surf a shortboard as well as you can surf longboard or stand up paddle !
Love Indo !!!

By mozimoz , 02-04-2013

Banyak Islands Surf Boat Charters - Check out this new surf charter biz in indo.

By glandjoyo , 03-08-2011

G-Land Daily Surf Report - hi all,
please check G-land latest Action on or
also contact/email for Cheapest/affordable package
G-Land call centre Bali +62 (361) 763166, Oz +61 (73) 040 1099 and US +1 (805) 308 3785 (Indo Time)

By alexinindo , 20-06-2011

looking for travel buddy/s - Hi,
I´m actually staying on bali for a few months, but would like to leave the island for a couple of weeks. Thought about going east to Lombok, especially Sumbawa(more the west coast) and maybe Sumba. Or going west to Java( Pacitan, Pangandaran, Grajagan and of course exploration). Would like to go for about 3 weeks with motorbike from now on until end of August. Sharing a car is also an opportunity.
To have some company and a better time while travelling I´m looking for a/some travel buddy/s with similar ideas.
I´m 28, german and would consider myself as a intermediate surfer.
So, hope to hear from you.

By Krapnek , 17-06-2011

Good spots in November? - Hi all!
Me and my friends are thinking about some surf somewehere in Indonesia in November. Does anyone have some good tips where we can find the best spots for this month?
Right now we´re newbefinners but we´re gonna spend two months, surfing in the Philippines before we´re going to Indonesia..


By Anonymous , 26-05-2011

surf caddies - if you know any japanese surfers who might be going to bali or surrounding islands, could you please let them know it is very UNCOOL to pay a local guide to start fights in the surf so they can get waves to themselves. the caddies are also paid to sit inside of everyone and call the other surfers off so their clients can catch the waves. the japanese visitors to indonesia are getting a really bad name with other surfers for this reason. pass this on an hopefully stop this practice before something bad happens. regards kim

By siloinaksurfresort , 29-10-2010

Siloinak Surf Resort’s team for Mentawai Tsunami needs your help - Surfers send emergency supplies to the Mentawai islands. Want to help ?

Hi, I am Gilles Bordessoule, a Frenchman living in the Mentawai islands since 2004. I manage Siloinak Surf Resort, near Siberut , the largest island of the archipelago.
The 25 October, a tsunami strikes the west coasts of the islands of Pagai and Sipora, severely damaging or destroying about 30 villages and two surf resorts. Rescue teams have collected 500 bodies as far as now, but the number of casualties in isolated villages is unknown, as there is no phone or radio communication. A rough sea and strong winds make access to these villages very difficult.
A ship chartered by the American surfer Matt Georges (Last Mile Operation) has left Padang the 27, loaded with food and medical supplies. We plan to sail with our boat as soon as possible and deliver to the population of isolated villages material for building shelters : 4 tons of tarpoline, nylon ropes, hammers, saws, nails for building around 200 family shelters. Transportation and delivery request 4 tons of fuel.
The cost of this operation is about 9000 USD, of which Siloinak Surf Resort will finance a part, but we hope help from you allowing to repeat this operation some days after with other kinds of supplies.
This is why we send this request for donations. You can send yours by bank transfer to :
Mandiri Bank
Address : KC Padang Lapangan Imam Bonjo, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Account Name : Bordessoule Gilles
Account Number : 111-00-0445103-1

These monies will be used exclusively for the purchase and delivery of goods given to the Mentawai people. You can learn more about Siloinak Surf Resort and the sustainable development actions we have organized in the Mentawai on . Reports and accounts concerning this operation will be published in , « Sustainable Development » pages.
If you had other proposals for helping the Mentawai people, please contact me at info at The reconstruction will last several months.

Gilles and Novie Bordessoule.

By Anonymous , 05-10-2010

PLEASE keep it like it is! - if you don't go, you don't know! that's the game. I had the chance to surf 5 years on a perfect spot without too many surfers... now it's over... the surfers forgot the golden rule to keep it secret and are constructing houses(!) for them and their friends plus hotels. it's really cool to have homepages like this to get some informations, but you and me we know, the less informations you find on a spot the better and longer this spot will be a golden spot. think about it. keep the informations for you - keep in golden. thanks a lot!

By Anonymous , 07-08-2010

Timor is not Indonesia. It is an independent nation. - Timor is not Indonesia. It is an independent nation. It was oppressed by the government o Jakarta since 75 until independence in 2002.

By Anonymous , 14-05-2010

Surfing Maluku? - Hi there,

I wonder if anyone surfed the Maluku's?
Would be around for 6 weeks during July-August.
I know this certainly isn't the right time of the year but maybe, just maybe somebody has a little advise on spots, swell window, basically any tips or tricks...

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Warm regards,


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