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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Indonesia, West Java

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By edusurf , 20-06-2017

Stoled!!! - My name is Eduardo and I ask you to get out of Batu Besar hotel.
In May 2017 we were me and my wife staying at Batu Besar and I woke up at 2am in the morning with a thief inside my room. He ran with my backpack carrying all the travel money and the camera.
Warning: we are 99% sure that it was an obscure plan of someone from the hotel itself, because only those who saw our routine could notice that we always had the backpack everywhere. In other words, we made a mistake in our care and zeal, and they knew that there was something of value in the backpack, because they invaded my room with the door locked to search exclusively for the backpack.


Mi nombre es Eduardo y pido que huyan de Batu Besar hotel.
En mayo de 2017 estábamos yo y mi esposa alojados en el Batu Besar y me desperté a las 2 de la mañana con un ladrón dentro de mi cuarto. Él corrió llevando mi mochila con todo el dinero del viaje y la cámara.
Alerta: tenemos el 99% de certeza que fue un plano oscuro de alguien del propio hotel, pues sólo quien veía nuestra rutina podría notar que siempre estábamos con la mochila en todas partes. Es decir, erramos por el exceso de cuidado y celo, y así sabían que había algo de valor en la mochila, pues invadieron mi habitación con la puerta cerrada para buscar exclusivamente la mochila.

By Anonymous , 18-07-2010

ordinary - Windy, isolated place with average waves. The turtles are cool though.

By Anonymous , 09-07-2010

hoax - Spent time at Turles in June 2010 and was not impressed. Windy, isolated and fickle wave. Go to G-Land. Much better deal. PS. watch your belongings. You could get ripped off.

By Scott , 20-11-2008

Accomodation - Check out The accomodation is reasonable and in my opinion the food is the best in the area. Mama's used to be good until she sold it. Hexa has nice rooms and cheap, but a bit far from the surf. Dont stay at the illegal surf camps right on the beach in front of the wave 'turtles' they're built on environmentally friendly land that's there to protect the turtles habitat.

By mark , 12-06-2008

accomodation and wave quality in genteng - has someone recommendation for a good accomodation in genteng? telephone, email?
tutles seems to be closing out, what about genteng harbour? and mama's?
please answer by email

By Anonymous , 09-06-2008

close out - FYI, turtles has been closing out ever since the end of the wet season. One of those years when sand gets pushed on the reef. Needs a lot of big swell to clean it up. May not be working till August this year. Serious.

By mark , 03-06-2008

accomodation at turtles or genteng - does someone have contact information (email, internet, phone) for accomodation near turtles or genteng harbour?
surf travel companies offers are way too high...
there is Batu Besar Losmen
or Mamas losmen

By ashton , 06-10-2007

- dont listen to these wack cases about west java. I think you shod take your own advice and stay in bali. if you want uncrouded world class waves this is the place to go. friendly as locals and a wicked vibe. 7 hours from jakarta in taxi but only 500,000 rp which is like $70 nz. Yeah the waves arnt ulus, padang padang, nias, ments quality but who wants to surf with 50 other guys. if you are sweet to the locals they are extra sweet back.. go there and experience it for yourself.

By Anonymous , 18-05-2007

Dodge - Just want to know if anyone can confirm the fact that there's like 600 JI's in that area. I've heard this from a number of sources (including the government), and it sounds a little ominous to me. Not the best thing to know when you stick out like a sore thumb in those parts of the world...

By joey , 06-04-2006

Hello - Have to agree on what most of you have already said Not the best place to go surfing Gave it a chance stayed their for 2 weeks only surfed maybe 4 times The trade winds blow too strong as the area is the most exposed on the island of java This also means that the swells are too lumpy and are rarely clean and manageable Not good for a reef that shuts down on a bed of sea urchins
I hear G-land is the go will have to check it out next year

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