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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Batu karas

Indonesia, West Java

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By Kylie , 13-06-2008

Travelling with surfboards - Thanks Ahmed :)

Just wondering also... What is the easiest/cheapest way to get surfboards into Indo? Is 3 boards to many? I read on the site you recommended to bring old boards instead of new ones... Does anyone know why that is?

Thanks again,

By a.i.adjie , 13-06-2008

for kylie - batukaras is called 'longboard heaven' for a reason, kylie

read the comment by bali's and agus' friend ... its true, for certain swell conditions shortboards will play well here

there are also nearby gnarlier surf, just ask the local surf boys

winds will be generally onshore during your planned batukaras stoke, though the bay is protected by jutting cliffs

you can also go dawn patrol or dusk attack to keep the wind speeds to the minimum, thus glassier more perfect surf

lots of places to stay, though hotels and lodges may be full at times ... try contacting these guys for a different approach



By Kylie , 12-06-2008

Batukaras Dry Season - Hi guys,
I am planning on doing a solo trip through west java in July. I much prefer surfing rights so have had my eyes on Batukaras for a while as a potential place to visit (instead of all the lefts south of Jakarta which seem to be more favourable with the winds in the dry season). There are so many mixed comments here about batukaras!

Some quick questions for anyone who has been surfing there before... Any help is greatly appreciated!

1) How long do you typically get in the morning/afternoon where there is no wind in July?

2) Where is the best place to stay (on a student budget)?

3) What board is best suited to this wave? I don't really want to lug a longboard to Indo!

4) How has the wave changed since the tsunami? Is it less consistent now?

5) What is the BEST swell direction and size to get good waves here... and where is the best internet site to get rough swell/wind conditions in the area... I'd like to be able to time my visit there if possible.

6) Is it easier to get there from Yogjakarta or Jakarta? How have people got there from Jakarta in the past?

Thanks guys,

By bali's and agus's friend , 19-10-2007

try this simple guide - just realized there are some trashy comments for batukaras

her are some hardcore facts from a local bandung surfer who goes there since 1999:

1) best times to come is always during VERY HIGH TIDE to VERY LOW TIDE moonphases - this is as simple as day 1 to 6 and day 14 to 19 of the muslim lunar calendar (most indonesian calendars list these dates too ... easy!) --> at very high tide, the reef break is usually good (15 min walk from main batukaras break), at very low tide the main break is usually good

2) even at those moon phases, this place needs a medium to huge swell to be really nice ... check the swell charts for anything above 6ft, mind you, anything over 12ft open ocean swell well produce extreme shoreward currents, which is fun actually because if you time your entry wrong, you jest get swept back to beach before you can say OMG ... lol ... just stay calm and go with it, walk back to the entry point, and try again! why make yourself wrinkled? :p ... these currents are swell-direction and wind-direction dependant

3) on weekends and (indonesian) public holidays, it is much more cooler (and safer) to expect the worst crowd condition at the main break! (yep, including the google-eyed visiting bodyboarders that look up to you with a drop-jaw expression, lol, not to mention at least 6 inner tyre tube floaters that have at least 6 kids hanging on to them each) ... yes, shiite happens and just deal with it, make yourself as soil so that the shiite can have a rose grow from you! B)

4) expect totally flat (yes, lake eerie flat) days between october and january, but these wadding-pool days are never too long, new swell will come anyway, this IS the indian ocean, u know ... :) ... mind you, with a decent 6ft swell the place still looks flat during VERY HIGH TIDE, then at very low tide suddenly glassy peeling rights form as if you're in nirvana!

5) SHARE WAVES! ... sometimes during hectic crowding you can find yoruself dropping in on a wave with 6 or 7 others!!! looooool ... just share em out!

6) yes, the tsunami did change the wave! A LOT! ... rest assured, after almost 2 complete season cycles, i've seen the original form reshaping and rejuvenating!!! ... it was very mushy and sectiony after the tsunami ... now it's 22karat gold! just be sure to be there when it's 24k!

7) it's a north-facing right pointbreak to sandbar, getting swells from the southerly directions, what do you expect? probably only waikiki is slower, but it DOES get fast, and there are at least 3 tube sections, near the point one can get a standing cavern (i love watching AGUS do that), then the first racetrack sandbar if it's HUGE, you can get a squatting throw-over, then the last almost closeout bar, a decent head dip or throw-on


hope this guide will work for most of us! :)

see ya

By kiwindo , 09-10-2007

Travelin Tim is a wanker - There are so many nice smiley helpful people here in Indo that i get pissed off when retard expats rag on the locals. I also see you hate Aussies. I hope you are not a Kiwi, cos people from NZ have a good name over here and we dont need knobs like you ruining it.

The rubbish problem you talk about is restricted to a few wrappers and bottles. I personally think it is paradise compared to all the rubbish that us western people build every time we find a nice beach.

Indo is what it is. They have there way if life that works just perfectly for them. Why do you think they are smiling the whole time? When in Rome bro.... Wake up to your pretentious self and stop touchin it or you will grow blind with hairy palms.

This spot isnt the spot to go for the epic indo surf, but if thats what you are looking for then book a boat trip and stop being such a tight-arsed clown. Not everybody needs (or expects) Indo to hold the holy grail of surf in every spot every day.

Batu Karas is what most people would give there left testicle and wads of cash to experience, and can be done for like 10USD a day no probs. The locals ROCK and treat you like royalty. Funny as hell and appreciative of everything. They make your stay a pleasure at every turn.

Grab a posse of old mates, a few boards, couple cases of Bintang and cruise down here for what could be the best holiday of your life. Make sure you bring something from your native country to hook up the locals. If you got a dunged out old board that you dont use and cant be bothered selling, make sure you chuck it in your quiver for a one way trip to Batu Karas. It will die a VERY happy and long lived death with the great little surf rats here.

Surf not perfect but still a bucket of fun with ol' mates and will be enough to leave you smiling while you chuck around a frisbee with the locals before tucking into the $1.50 banquet they serve up.

Get here. Hook up the locals. Marvel at how good life can be. And most importantly smile. Its MAGIC.

By Alby , 24-09-2007

crooozeeee - If your looking big waves this is not the place but if you want just cruisy waves then batu karas is perfect. easy indo surfing but best way to find out is just go and check it out. other spots around that get good but not so hot with indo's trade winds in july.

By Ricko , 04-09-2007

- Been to Batu keres twice on across Indo missions, once just after wet season (Apr/May) and it was sweet sweet sweet offshore all day peeling righthand pointbreak bliss. Second time was dry season but the SW swells struggled to get into the bay and tradewinds are crap so it was just mushy and gutless. It's not a dry season spot and like anywhere has it's good and bad seasons (would you surf Ulus in December?). It seems to be getting bagged here by Indo's dry season travelling hordes but they're hitting it at the wrong time. Go and check it out when it's actually it's time. Totally relaxed Indo surfing. Locals are gold.

By Anonymous , 17-07-2007

Travelin Tim talk rubbish - Maybe Travelin Tim not much experience travelin Indonesia because it not really surprise or news to anyone that Indo has rubbish problem! Batukaras not usually dirty but holiday time Batukaras can get crowd and rubbish because tourism spot for domestik. By the way it not Jakarta surfers that coming to Batukaras, we from Bandung and we come not because phone call from anyone but because we always watching internet swell and know when good to go. Batukaras famous now for surfer from other part of Java and we loving it. If Tim hate so much about Indo maybe better he stay home.

By BJ Haylock , 15-07-2007

Just got back insane - Sebastain your a wanker you just didnt go in thr correct time. People if u are keen surfers go in the wet season it goes off. I just got back the place is insane the people are one of a kind. Perfect for families and people wanting to work on there surfing with out the pressure of normal indo surf spots. If you are loooking for a board to hire or a tour to the green cannons find a guy called Husni he is always at the Sundi bar if u carnt during the day, he will hook u up real good. The place is worth a check out and a tour to the green cannon if the surf isnt going off.

By Travelin' Tim , 13-07-2007

Batu Krap - This is a slow ass shitty gutless wave that rarely gets over two feet and at best is barely good enough for real turns and blows out mid morning. One decent swell per month if you are lucky, and then the Auzzie guy who owns the bungalows out front gets on the phone and calls all the poser Jakarta surf wannabe crew anytime the swell is forecast 2 feet and above. I was there just before a swell, nobody around, the next day, packed out by the poser crew who are all kooks. The water is cruddy filth as is the town and beaches which are covered with the typical trash that all Indos throw at their feet at just about every beach that is within reach by car. In Indonesia they have no awareness of environment, none whatsoever. It's kill anything still alive and filth up anywhere that is clean. On ferries they sweep up all the garbage that the Indos didn't happen to throw into the ocean into boxes and then chuck it overboard. Its open, eat, toss on the ground or in the ocean. Anyone who has been to Indo knows this. Batu Kras is no different, rubbish all up and down the coast, no paradise here unless you like crap surf and filth.

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