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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By surfgc , 24-03-2013

Yoyos - Surfed yoyos around 8 ft was pumping, perfect swell direction, one of the best surfs i've ever had. Fun but heavy at that size, watch out for the clean up sets.

By Agostinho alfaro , 10-11-2009

sumbawa is a surf paradise - I stay there 10 days in 2002/may, i surfing all days 3 or 10 feets, the best day scar reef 6" or 8" in the series, for me the best place in indo for surf, low crowd fun surf....... great times
From brazil
abraço a todos

By monteiro , 06-07-2008

Get to sumbawa - Hello there!
I'm going to bali in the final july, and I was wondering what's the best way to go to sumbawa and the cheapest. Cheers from Portugal.

By Anonymous , 24-01-2008

being honest - never worth it. average to poor waves, very inconsistent for indo, and easily the most crowded spot outside bali. loads of places to stay and eat, but dont go there to surf.

By Anonymous , 16-01-2008

Lakey - Jat is the best chess player ever. You can't beat him.

By Graham Townshend , 08-12-2007

Lakey - To the guy who said the locals foget who gave them surfboards and who puts money in their Parents pockets- well hello there mate- it is their island and you are a visitor so don't go there expecting anything but true hospitality if your reasons for going are genuine.And to the guy who said Lakey is shit- don't go there. Now to both of you- Have you's two ever taken the time out when the surf is not to your standards and played with the kids making sand castles on the beach, or offered to take the local women to Dompu markets on their shopping days, or tought the local kids how to swim, or taken a suitcase and big bag full of clothes and toys,footballs,volleyballs, basic tools for the children and locals!!!! Well if you ever go there again and show a little respect, instead of just being another surfer after a cheap thrill, you will be in for a pleasant suprise.
To all the Lakey and Village local Sumbawa 'LENGA's, Your the best!!!!!!!.Here's to Gromet, Gerry, Oinky, Jonny, Rochele, Asthma, and everyone else at Lakey.
From Graham and Wayne, or Grammy and Wangga- as we are called by the locals.

By Anonymous , 24-04-2007

well,... - to be honest: it's a really nice wave but not constant sizable ! And if you add the crowd it's really not worth to travel there. Sushi at Micks Place is ok.

By koby , 16-03-2007

lakey is not shit - To the guy who said lakey is shit, is full of it,their is no way you was there for 2 months and it only got 2ft.
Even off season i had it 8ft, but it is really crowded and that indo kid sadam is a prick. The locals seem to forgot who gave them surfboards and who puts money in their parents pockets.

By Anonymous , 08-03-2007

lakey - hahahahahah if anyone says lakey is a sick wave their full of it!, i went their in june july aug and the whole 3 months i was their the waves were soooooooooooooooo shit i had like shitty 2ft sessions at pipe the place is a hole

trust me dont go their!!!!!!!!

By anto , 23-08-2006

Wrong map - The map of sumbawa is not perfect. Periscopes is on the north of lakey peak and nungas is between lakey peak and periscopes. Lakey pipe is on the south of the peak and cobblestone ont the south of the pipe...
Who did this map?
i'm sure he never been there...

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