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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Way jambu

Indonesia, Sumatra Mainland

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By OC Mackdaddy , 21-06-2013

Humbling wave! - Hey there all, I surfed this wave last year at about 6-8 foot, which is what i'm fairly comfortable with back home in Vic, Aus. 1) I have never surfed a wave with as much surging energy!-take a bigger board, make sure you get on early-at all costs! 2) As a natural footer - make sure you are really solid on your backhand - just opt for the bare minimum - make the section, hold the line. 3) Careful not to pick the wave that has a long line running parralel to the horizon! It will be an easy take off into a barrel that will offer no exit!!! I learn't the hard way and got bounced off the reef! That's right, and when I say bounced i'm not being metaphoric - good thing my arse(ass) is tough and I miraculously came out unharmed! A couple of guys that knew the wave well were getting serious good to watch! After my scary experience I hang wide on the shoulder for the rest of the session. take heed, show respect, and if you hit it. Hit it with everything!!!.....(Hope this was helpful)

By Poseidon6969 , 27-08-2012

Good wave but beware - The wave its heavy alright... But also beware of leaving belongings inside your bike.... They will open and STEAL anything..... "hello mister" style

By daniel , 05-11-2009

big boys only! - Ya stayed karang october 2009 epic waves whole time, way jambu huggeee like 12 foot and barreeeling no one out! if you got da cojones this is the spot!

stay at paradise surf camp! super cheap great people!

By Anonymous , 24-09-2009

be carefull - almost drowned here be carefull, lot bigger & fickle than it looks...

By jpoberholzer , 18-08-2009

Heavy - Awesome but heavy wave, best around the slightly overhead size, surfed it several times this year, and 2 guy who surfed with me were pretty seroisly injured there. Impossible to judge from the beach, you need to paddle out to see whats really going on.

By Anonymous , 28-02-2009

Way Jambu - What a wave. You have got to see it too believe it. 2-3 metres and lining up and it goes off 300 metres. WOW

By Anonymous , 09-01-2009

- This wave is fickle.. gets swell but needs everything to be right.
Seems to line up better at lowtide but isnt really surfable if you dont make it.

I only saw it good twice in four months, even krui broke more often. but all the waves in south sumatra are fickle.

By Anonymous , 06-01-2008

scary - very unforgiving wave, if your happy surfing chopes you'll love this place! if not prob best stay in bali or sumbawa....

By d , 03-07-2007

the wave - surfed it last month. good and long wave, probably the best wave there. a friend got his finger split open at that wave and got stitches, the medical place was only up the road. not hours like someone said.

By Anonymous , 09-06-2007

- mental wave don't even think about it unless you very experienced! super hollow but very sharp shallow unforgiving reef hrs from any help, they don't call it sumatra pipe for nothing, way jambu is the name of the local village, nearest medical help hrs away so go prepared!!!!

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