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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Pantai purus

Indonesia, Sumatra Mainland

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By , 20-07-2007

Purus is fun, but be choosey - Without knowing Benny, my buddy Mark and I met him at the airport almost on accident. It's funny what the universal quiksilver symbol means to a surfer 9100 miles from home. We hit it off at the airport and were instant friends. He took us to our hotel and even picked us up at 7am to surf some fun shoulder high / head high sets at Purus. Even Cafe Fellas in downtown Padang was the scene of good times with he and his crew. Daik and Hendrey hold down this spot--but not with muscle... with Indo charm. You guys rock and thanks for making our two layover before the Mentawais so damn fun. Call this guy if you go to the Mentawais and PLEASE leave any spare boards with these guys. All they have are repaired broken boards. Tell Steve and Mark from Los Angeles said what's up! Seriously, these guys and their local crew are what surfing used to be before I was born.

By Tristan , 03-07-2007

Might be stinky, but its a wave - Surfed here while waiting for my friends to arrive before we could go to sipora. not the best wave in the world, but its got a fun little right and a longer left worth hitting. definatley a warm up wave. and with no other waves around, if you are desperate for a wave its there. the water is damned dirty though. bought some ear plugs. didnt see any dead turtles or syringes though. its agood thing i got my shots!

By Anonymous , 13-04-2007

- Couple years ago I think, I ever surfed here,Purus rivermouth.This spot is ok except all the shit foating on the water.Sometimes you guys get to alert with the jellystinkfish !No rules here,..

By , 29-03-2007

Welcome wave purus in padang - Hi All surfer.. Pantai purus is a spot in center in the city padang.We have local people to build a organization for surfing, we given name that West Sumatra Community, the target organization to improve local surfer and issue environment..Every week all surfer conduct clean up on the beach and make the beach of nice places.. However, if you want to going mentawai, you can stay and surf in wave purus, can feel perfect purus wave..please contact me!! or mobile:+62812.7500.739
Alrite..Surf all the day

By worst spot ever , 20-05-2006

no way - I just went out surfing here and i dinged my board on a dead sea turtle. this place is gnarly, i was in the barrel watching syringes go over my head. don't go out here, in fact, don't even go to sumatra, you should go to bali, no wait, go to costa rica, that place rules

By anonymous , 21-01-2006

tidak bagus - this spot is so polluted its a joke, the water around padang is heavily polluted, with a lot of bacteria thriving in the tropical water, the water is brown, i have seen dead animals on the beach, there is a lot of floating rubbish, it could get u in a lot of trouble surfing here, sure some locals do surf but they are used to this, we 1st worlders in clean water will get very sick, dont risk it. its a 3rd world river which is used for the dieposal of raw sewage, rubbish, chemicals, industry pollution and everything else, if u go trust me u will take a look and say no way.

By stay stoked , 15-01-2006

Not THAT bad - This place isn't as bad as they described, just go on the incoming tide, this way the water isn't flowing out of the river as strongly, i've surfed there a bunch of times, never got sick. It's quite a crap wave though, you'll be lucky if there's enough power for you to stand up on your board...that't no exxageration either. There's another spot out of town called Air Manis (ahh-ear mah-nees). It's a little beach break with some peaks, once in a while if the swell is pumping you can have head high waves here. It's not as dirty and the water doesn't smell like sewage. To find out if it's worth going, take a look at the beach break in town (the place with all the short jetties). If that's got head-high plus shore break going chances are Air Manis will be ridable. Take a taxi here for about 50,000 or so, although taxi prices are going up lately since the fuel price in indo has just about tripled. Also there was a land slide on the road to Air Manis so they might try and get some more money out of you because of that...just give it to them, they need it more than you. Also if you want a girl any taxi driver can get you one!!

By anonymous , 19-12-2005

dont do it - if you want to run the risk of catching hepatitis, cholrea, staph by infecting any small cut you may have, and you dont mind surfing in very brown water with dead dogs on the beach in fornt of a 3rd world river/sewer with rubbish everywhere in ordinary waves, the go ahead, you may even become famous by contracting a new disease, seriously if your on holidays surfing dont surf here, one surf could very well send you home.

By anonymous , 17-12-2005

grrrr! - I was once stuck in Padang for 8 days. Too bad i didn´t know ther is surf...

By anonymous , 17-12-2005

no way! - yes this spot does have waves ive seen it and NO FUKN WAY would i even put my big toe in that water, after seeing dead dogs washed up rubbish of all kinds and chocolate milk water. the river is a 3rd world indo sewer/river that is unbelievably polluted, you could easily end your trip here by getting hepatitis, staph, whatever form this water DONT DO IT, if your stuck in padang just chill and at night go sing karaoke with the dipo girls or take a late night taxi ride with a happy ending, as for purus no thanks i dont want a fukn blood disorder!

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