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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sumatra Mainland


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By catfish13 , 25-04-2013

The Yank is gone! - Just want to drop a quick reply about South Sumatra... there has already been a lot of info given and most of it is true, but to keep everyone up to speed... Andy the Yank is gone, gone, gone. As Dave Alton stated below, Karang Nyimbor Hotel now has a new owner and agent, As those that have already stay there know, it is one of the best places to stay on Unjung Bocur Point. Check it out
and send an email if you want any more info. Longest left in front of the Hotel and other waves in the area if it feels too big... it is a beautiful part of the world with friendly locals; well worth a look!

By tronix , 08-05-2012

Bodyboard in Krui area - Well, I plan to go to Krui area in late june and july but i am afraid of comments about the quality of waves. For some chaps, it's excellent, for others, it's better to surf in other places in Indonesia. I do bodyboard and I am seeking hollow waves, 6 feets and over. It would be great if anyone of you could give me some good advice. Maybe is it better to stay in G-Land (never been there) or Sumbawa (i went there in year 2001, and got plenty of swell)?

By barrylopez , 04-01-2012

what the? - Just wanted to have a cruisy holiday somewhere a bit different to bali lombok e.t.c but from reading these forums about arguing camp owners forget it! Its like Days of our lives, feel sorry for all involved.

By kita27 , 12-08-2011

undecided. - Just returned from Krui. Waves fickle, crowds consistent.

Krui left was gnarly, but so were the 14 people surfing it. Way Jambu is good cos most of the surfers in Krui are not experienced enough to surf it or are just plain scared. Watch for thieves as they stole my camera.

oh yeah, dont get suckered by the marketing scams on the web.

By Anonymous , 28-04-2011

"Andy" - I can confirm this now... William Andrew Watson (AKA Andy) was deported from Indonesia on the 26th of April 2011. He has been opperating as a con artist in Indonesia for over 10 years and has ripped off and stollen tens of thousands of dollars from foriegn investors coming to Indonesia with the hope of living the dream, thankfully he no longer can continue to do this.
However, Andy along with his wife are still running internet scams and due to the incompitent policing in Indonesia this will probably continue for quite sometime. The main website to watch out for is This website is a scam and is advertising for several camps which are no longer or never were owned by Andy and his wife Ari.
I would like advise any people who have been ripped off or affected in anyway by Andy and his wife Ari to contact Dave Alton on the following email address: , as he and his wife are now the legal owners of all the land previously stolen by Andy.
Thanks to all the help from the various surf camp owners and locals who have helped in the process of getting him out the country.

By huntingmentawai , 17-04-2011

surf camp siberut islands - Mentawai islands with my surf camp in siberut islands close wave like e'bay, beng-beng, nipussi, pitstop just onfoot.
With my price cheaper price contact me

By sasquatch , 24-03-2011

KRUI - in general....reading between the lines on here is the easiest way to find out where you want to surf. I had a good time here, but not what i go to indo for.... having said that, i wanted to share a little bit about andy's place. i showed up with the usual "i may be here for a short trip or long trip" conversation via email with him.. after two days, i was given a bill for 8 days. i was told that i had to stay 8 days or at least pay for 8 days. also beers were advertised at one price, then the bill had another. i grabbed my crap, paid what i owed and left the camp. go there, have fun.. but andy is a scammer. food was 3 meals of msg !! thieves are abound, but use your head. waves are ok, but not world class.

By Mike , 01-09-2010

Padang - Hey, going to stay in Padang for work. Will have regularly a couple of days off, which isn't really enough to catch a boat to the Mentawais.
Any surf around Padang ?

By Anonymous , 15-06-2010

d'oh - and this is his number.... cecep +6281977223091

By Anonymous , 15-06-2010

north of krui - anyone wanting to surf the waves north of krui without driving there and back each day should give cecep (che-chep) a call. he speaks english ok and has rooms to rent in his house for 70k, plenty of cold beer, and his wife is a great cook. 1 minute from jennys, 5 mins from honeysmacks, 10 mins from jimmys. drop in and say gday. enjoy!

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