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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Sumatra Islands

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By Bob , 07-06-2007

Tsunami - Hey guys, does anyone know if Bawa was affected by the tsunami? Thanks

By Anonymous , 01-02-2007

Never small - Pulls in more swell than anywhere in Indo cept Ngkonye and Ombak Tujuh in Java. Peace

By anonymous , 24-03-2006

Bawa and Hamish - wHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE WAVE WHEN IT IS NOT BIG? Decent places to stay?

I would appreciate any info.

Can you get a feral boat and stay on the boar for a few days?

Hey, Hamish - is your girlfriend Yoko?

By , 22-03-2006

Any more Info - Im heading this way on April 23rd. If anyon ha any info on where to stay in the Hinakos please get in touch. Cheers...see you in the barrel!

By anonymous , 20-03-2006

Curren's fish - Curren's Fish footage is totally sick. Anyone should rent searching for Tom curren to see this place macking

By anonymous , 26-12-2005

Small days - Whats it break like on small days?

By anonymous , 06-12-2005

- that pic is epic is it real

By anonymous , 22-02-2005

- are Ama Robert,Theresa and sons fine???
please let me know!!! matteo from italia

By , 14-01-2005

bawa April 2002 - I have photos from Bawa and from bawa houses (sleep and eat). Do jou want to have this photos?

By Kris , 30-05-2004

very funny - you know Theresa to aswell. it's obvious.

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