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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Mentawai

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By Anonymous , 16-06-2009

riffles is over? - Been surfing the area every year since 2000, the new resort out there has ruined the area. They'll dump 20 guys in the line-up at once!

By sam , 21-10-2008

cheap accom on island - hey, I noticed that someone posted on here that you can stay on the island at a cheaper place called grandmas? If anyone could give me some info on this I would be stoked... cheers

By Anonymous , 30-07-2008

Rifles is over - All the land camps in the Playgrounds area are overcrowding the spots. For example, Rifles is now being taken over by the owners of the Kandui Resort. They are laying claim to pretty much any wave they want, even if it means snowballing people that are in the barrel. Gone are the days when people took turns in Indo and everyone was mellow. Rifles is now a free-for-all zoo thanks to the Kandui Resort.

By Long , 22-01-2008

LONGBOARDable?? - Do you think it´s rideable with a performance longboard? Thanks a lot!

By Anonymous , 19-07-2007

- great wave but doesn't break often - needs a south sweel

By Anonymous , 25-05-2007

Not only by boat-BUDGET options avail. - There are a few budget options avail. out there also,1 is on Kandui island(Grandmas's).locals dudes will take you out to the breaks for a small fee.DO NOT beleive that you have to pay $150-200+ a day on a boat or overpriced land resort to access any of these waves as some say(& we know why.)

By Anonymous , 19-01-2007

rifles - Surfed it a true 6-8 ft and makeable all the 400-500 yards. Hollow the whole way at varying degrees. I got very lucky. It was May 5 of maybe 2004. After 2 hrs I hit the reef with my head and was out with stitches, broken nose, the whole shot. Surfed it a couple times previously smaller and sections every 100-200 yards but fun.

By , 08-06-2006

deal of a lifetime - rifles is sick, last year, november 10th, so epic. November 10th you ask...isnt' that the off-season? What off-season? Addiction surfing adventures is running tours year round. Want to explore uncharted waters? We can do that too. Write to me, name your time, place, and price and it's on. this is no joke...

By ozsurfer , 08-01-2006

extra info - Rifles is a world class wave, but it doesn't work properly as often as one would like. Spent some time there last year, and it needs a fair size swell and one with a bit more south in it to get around the island, (west swells pass by) and it also needs no wind or a west or south west wind, as it is fairly exposed. It only works properly perhaps one day in eight in high season. But there are plenty of other very good breaks just next door which are way more consistent- small Karamajet island hosts a number of very good waves-around 4-5 breaks-with about another 10+ breaks just nearby. Rifles breaks from about 3 to 10 feet+, rideable on any tide but low is quite gnarly, up to about 400m long or more on a really big day, but it tends to section so you ride several different sections when its bigger.

By anonymous , 20-12-2005

UNO - Been there, done that. Surfed it on the last two days of our trip, well into november. I am stil shaking. Best waves of my life in just one session. Rigth now I only have one desire :!!!! go back there and get barreled off my ass ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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