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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Indonesia, Mentawai

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By don't stay on land , 11-06-2004

Setting the record straight - Tracks mag started alot of shit with that article. Everybody who comes on the boat now thinks that soon macca's will be exclusive. I'm sorry (well not really) but the government and people here are just not efficient enough to do something like that. Not to mention all the indonesian people that have been going there for years. What do you think they'll do if that was turned exclusive? They'd burn that camp down in a heart beat i can tell you that. How are they going to enforce the place being exclusive? The bottom line is tracks needs to sell magazines so they take a hot topic and blow it out of proportion (normal media). Don't worry about it, what you need to worry about is how you're going to get the money to go on a boat trip and are you going to get a swell when you come. Also staying at macca's is for idiots only, do you think there's a wave there every day? NO! Why would you want to stay on land anyway? Shit they have boats that are like 5 star hotels? The guys that would stay on land there are blowing it. When it's knee high at maccas with a 2 wave set every half hour everybody else is surfing overhead thunders or nipussi's. When 8 boats are at macca's and you stay on land sorry about your luck: you ain't going anywhere...suckers!!!

By Survival of the Richest , 07-06-2004

shame shmame bait - This wave is a bloody yacht magnet and getting more and more so every year. About time someone privatised the wave, I'd be quite happy to pay $250 dollars a day for a slice of land based perfection. But then again I can afford it. There is a lesson in life to be learnt here, if you are poor and feeble, then you don't deserve to surf good waves.

By anonymous , 31-03-2004

no title - corporatisation is moving in hear very soon. soon instead of going on a boat trip u will be paying 250US a night like tavarua. shame

By anonymous , 20-12-2003

funnest wave in the world - rated in australian surf magazine (waves) as the funnest wave in the world

By Hans , 11-10-2003

Arnold eats Macaroni - You heard it hear first.

By anonymous , 09-10-2003

VS&C - velveeta shells and cheese baby!

By Frog Eater , 05-09-2003

Bonsoir! - Ahh least he was FRENCH.....

By anonymous , 25-07-2003

Heavy - Maccas is quite busy with other surfers so the line up is never empty. The reef is nasty. One French pro did not make it past the final double up and got his face torn up by the reef. His face had to be stitched up. He was out of the water. That was his trip over.

By Ultra Crowded , 08-07-2003

Ultra Crowded - Ultra Crowded

By anonymous , 27-06-2003

pasta - i don't know, but your mom's lasagna was pretty god last night

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