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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Mentawai

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By MS , 31-01-2005

- Griff Rider, you probably do not want to go in November. There is a chance you will get waves, but it is the offseason and you may well get skunked. About the Mentawais, I would not say that it is very shallow unless the swell is pretty small. The most tumbles I took on the reef at Macca's and HT's occurred on the smaller waves that broke farther inside. Between head and 3-4ft overhead these waves are really fun and not too risky. Enjoy

By anonymous , 31-01-2005

macaronis - I am a mate of the manager of Macaronis resort who has no plans of making the wave exclusive. In regards to the comments saying you can only surf one wave, this is untrue as the resort has the two fastest boats in the Mentawais being able to get to HTs in less than 1 hour and The Hole in 1.5. Also from what i here the prices are reasonable being around $2000. get out there sic wave

By Griff Rider , 26-01-2005

Shallow? - How shallow is this spot? Im planning to go surf this spot and go on a trip through the mentawis when i turn 14 in november 2005. Is it really dangerous? Is the whole of the Mentawis dangerous? Ive surfed shallow spot in barbados and wales and shit, but never indo. Ive also surfed like 8 foot waves at most but are they usually really big in christmas? Thanks and Bye.

By jim , 20-12-2004

OPEN YOUR MIND - I heard storys about agro brasilians in the water in INDO , i went there and found that the Australians are worse ( bad atitude) . In the middle of that were the hawaians catching the best waves with no trouble with anyone. Just smiling.
Brasilian surfers are probably the fiittest surfers on earth , but their waves are not as good as they surf thats why when they are on worldclass breaks they freak out , i am not brasilian but i tell you , go to Brasil and you change your mind and Brasilians.

By Traveler , 04-10-2004

Well Said - Bondi Bill said it, a little crass but true none-the-less. Their southernly "passion" is just lack of control of hormones like a chick. Wow....let's get emotional and fight over chicks too! the mexicans. Brazilians ride waves by feel and to hell with thinking. You are oddballs in the world of etiquette and are not a welcome sight in the Mentawais or from the view inside Macaronis.....that would be a view of a "passionate" wake dropping in! No thanks.

By Bondi Bill , Broken Hill Beach , 03-10-2004

Brazilian Buffalo Chips aka BS - What a rave from the Brazil nut.This is not a political treatise from La-La Land or discrimination of any sort, just a factual account of shoulder hopping insanity & dangerous surf shennanigans from a section of the surfing global wanderers.Who just happen to be all so often Brazilian Brats. No doubt the indigenous peoples of Brazil would be disgusted with these plastic rich-kid brats and their total disregard and respect for the cultural rules of surfing. They are not chiselled in stone, but come about from years of experience.These rules are to avoid dangerous "kamakazie drop-ins" & give everybody a fair crack of the whip,drop-bears.Rational, ethical, taking of turns.Do not play Duff beer dumb drop-bears you know the go,even 'blind Freddie' does.If you do the deed with frequent regularity & do not mind making international cunts of yourselves ,do not whine like an old mole with a hole in her knickers.Theses are generalisations,you say,where there is smoke there are pot-heads,so fix the holes in your thinking,do not be so rude,dangerous & selfish.I came here to get shacked not annoyed by greedy "wave-mosquitoes" from Rio, who need a lesson in common courtesy& ocean ettiquette.You know who you are don't play the imbesile card.Grow a brain.

By Gabriel , 19-09-2004

BRAZILIAN writing... - I´m from Brazil and to be honest I do "get" what you are saying, because some of the brazilian surfers are really not very polite in the water, BUT... don´t generalize it, Brazil is a big land with many surfers, and we are not worse in this subject than hawaians, australians or whatever...
Every crowd in the world will have nice and stupid individuals in it. (I´ve been in Trestles, or in European spots... come to Brazil and compare, you will be surprised)
I don´t think every american young man is a child-killer or a porno-faggie-torturer like many of those in Iraqui, or their fucking PRESIDENT himself.
I hope now you can "get it", and don´t try to judge what can´t be judged (specially by those who adore judging other countrys people, but really CAN´T JUDGE NOBODY).

No hard fellings, please don´t send the troops! (sorry for this joke)
I think surfing is about making friends. Unfortunatly not all of us (I mean from all of us) think the same way.

I´m departin´ tomorrow to the islands, hope to make some good waves and possibly one or two new friends like usual.



By With their "animal" magnatism , 13-07-2004

That would be the Brazilians - We always winced each time we saw the Brazilian boat or the Japanese boat coming. While both had a couple great surfers the Japanese had a lot of "executioners" cartwheeling in front of you while the brazilians had NO etiquette at all. At first we thought they were cutting just us off but while we kicked it on the boat sucking down Bintangs...... they were mercessly ripping each other off. You are right..... they just don't "get it"!!!!! Surfed Macas on my Parmenter "Widowmaker" and took the side fins out to just hang in that tube "single style".

By Macca Man , 13-07-2004

Sick Wave - I just got back from Macca's. It's the best wave I have ever surfed. It was not that crowded, especially with the swell pumping like it was. Everyone was pretty cool as far as following the catch a wave, and paddle to the end of the line routine. Except for these South American kooks that just did not get it. They would paddle around everyone. Plus, they sucked.

By Ronnie Mack , 03-07-2004

Spaghetti Arms - Caught Maca's the day the French guy got face smakked...then I went in cuz I was very scared of the reef!! Then our captain took us to a sandy bottom beach break for the rest of the tripp.

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