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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Indonesia, Mentawai

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By Anonymous , 04-07-2006

Any where to stay on land? - I want to go to macaronis and stay there. I want to camp on land or stay with the local village people. Does anyone know what the village situation around there is? Is there a reasonably close town or vilage to stay in? Or camping, im not opposed to pitching tent for a month.
Thanks for the help.

By real deal , 08-06-2006

YOU're the sell out - Yeah, it's true, they're not really "helping" the locals. Just remember though, YOU think it's a bad influence for them to have all things western which corrupt our natural way of life...but they WANT them! So who are YOU to tell them what's best for them?
Macca's is done. Unfortunatly a non-surfer got ahold of a good idea and found enough other souless people to go along with his evil plan. We can only hope they go bankrupt. 10 boats is bullshit, that never happens, the boat's work together to go to different places and try to keep the crowds down. But at the camps they're posted, just waiting for it to get good so they can flood the lineup.
Thought that was bad? The manager has put a 10 page article in a brazillian magazine about the surf camp! He has a brazillian agent! It's one thing to have a surf camp which holds 24 people, but 24 BRAZILLIANS!!!??? Why? I'll tell you why, because the guy who runs it doesn't have to go out and fight with them for waves-he doesn't surf.
So YOU can do your part, when you go anywhere, find the guys that are in it for the surf and lifestyle, NOT the money. Martin Daly is a perfect example. Indies Trader 4???? Think HE cares about surf? No, he cares about money, that's how he got that boat!! So YOU the consumer are at fault. You pick who to come with, go past the agent and find out who's really behind the curtain. I'm the captain of a boat, i do everything, pay my crew 3 times what they'd make at a normal job and surf my ass off when i'm out in the islands. There are many like me, go with them, they are REAL people. If you go with whoever you're not helping anyone...

By Donovan , 06-04-2006

Whats the point - I am really sad at the development of the surfing lifestyle Its pretty much out of control and i guess like most other business in the world the third world is just waiting to be exploited
Macaronis another example of a wave being discovered and destroyed
Yes its a good wave and yes i hear the people with vested interests say that they are beneficial to the local communities but hey Who are you trying to fool
2000 for a surfcamp to share the wave with 10 boats
Call that cheap the average wage in Indo is approx 1us dollar per day and you charge 2000us Yeah its a corporate jungle out there
But whats the point in travelling halfway across the world to a place like this when the only stoke is from the surfcamp investors when they receive there 2000 for a week from surf tourists
Dont be fooled people
Sorry but i really dont understand development in places like this These people have survived for thousands of years without western influence and because theres a sick wave their they will then justify their greed by saying they are helping out the locals
RIP Macaronis

By Run the Real Boats , 04-12-2005

Real Surfers - Definetly go on boats with young surfing captains, don't go on the indo boats, they don't care about surfing, they care about cigarettes and sleeping as much as possible. Sorry, that's just the truth of it. Sometimes you get lucky and score on one of these boats, it happens all the time because the mentawais are so sick it's hard to go wrong. But the guys who are really going to have you in the right place at the right time are the guys who are going to be out in the surf before you even wake up and getting all the sickest tubes. So who do you want taking you around, a guy sucking down 4 packs of ciggy's a day or a guy who is going to spend as much time as you in the water ensuring your safety, giving you helpful hints, and amping you out when he gets a good ride....the choice is clear. And, you'll be giving back to surfers, people who have sacrificed a "normal" life to be close to the surf. That's the real thing. They're not out there trying to make a buck, it's all about the waves.

By AZORSKIE@YAHOO.COM , 31-05-2005

few crowds? - your report says few crowds at both ht's and macaronnis. maybe few crowds if you are used to surfing pipeline in december! come on, at least five boats with ten surfers each....the mentawaiis are quickly being ruined by these boats and their CAPTAINS. THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE OR THE LAND. it makes me sad

By MS , 16-04-2005

Yo Griff Rider - Sorry, I haven't looked on this post for a while... Anyway, the best time to go the Mentawai's is April-September. I've heard May is a real good month, mostly because you will miss the crowds. If you want to get an idea how crowded it will be, go to and check out the boat specials. The ones that sell out first are the most crowded and usually prime season. If you could swing May, that's when I would go. As far as choosing a boat it is really a matter of quality and cost (i.e. how much will you spend). You really want a boat who has a surfer for a captain, as they will be willing to go the extra mile to score good waves for themselves. A non-surfing captain will be constantly nickeling and diming you to go to the closest spots regardless of the conditions. I like crews with surfers in their 20's and 30's (like Navistar) b/c they are really amped about getting the most waves at any time and will likely be at their surfing prime. Also, more expensive boats have better food, bigger cabins, and satellite phones... but who cares? You're there to surf so find the way to get the best waves. As of yet, there are no resorts, maybe one, but more will pop up soon. If and when they arrive, your choice should be about what waves you like to surf. Since HTs, Bintangs, and Lance's Left are the same island, its a good place to be. Yeah, HT's is about as crowded as they come (it is relatively close to port in W. Sumatra) but it really is a star wave. As of now, any boat you go on will bounce around from spot to spot, depending on the wind and swell. I really liked all the waves except I was too big on Thunders. It is a pretty deep water wave and kind of tricky with the backwash on the reef. If you have a bigger board with you, you might have a good time. There are a few real sketchy waves, but likely your captain won't take you to them anyway. Enjoy.

By Matt , 12-03-2005

theory on Brazilians - My theory is that because Brazil is a relatively poor country, the only Brazos that you see in Indo, Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc. come from wealthy families. They are the upper crust so to speak and are used to getting their way (what they want) without really having to work for it. The only friends they have are from other wealthy families so they travel in large packs together so they can justify their behavior to each other. It is bizarre to me why anyone would want to bring their own crowd to a surf spot

By rafa brazil quebras , 11-03-2005

Brazilian behavior - Im a brazilian surfer and i do agree with some messages saying we have a bad posture on the water. It can be explained because the quality of our waves in Brazil. They are great but not excelent as aussie, hawaian and Indo waves. When we have the chance to leave Brazil in a surf trip and face those epic waves we just get crazy. You all cant gereralize it, saying we are animals or that we have no respect for the other surfers. Americans and australians are nice people, but when it comes to surf everybody has its own way to be in the water, and they are not friendly too. I belive if you are surfing Indo or Hawaii those places heve waves anought to peolple fight and fight for waves. Have fun surfers, Maybe in 10 years all of us gonna pay to go out there.....

By Griff Rider , 06-02-2005

more spots - Thanks loads MS. What time do you suggest to go. What spot are not too dangerous. Where is the best place to stay in the mentawis (Boat, resort, ect). Thanks. By the way. if you love to surf 2 foot overhead waves that are tubey and slashable i suggest going to hossegor france in the summer. Ive been going there for 5 years. Best freikin surf!

By anonymous , 03-02-2005

Brasos aint so bad...Ments are slick - I have been lucky enough to have visited the Mentawais twice, (Sep 2001 and Sep 2004). A min of 3 days each trip was dedicated soley to Maccas. It is indeed a great wave and lives up to expectations. Not so perfect swell direction and winds do reak havoc on the wave, (like anywhere else) but if its at least head high, its still a super fun, rippable wave, (regardless of conditions). During my trip out there last Sep I blew a drop on the first wave of a set and lost my board, (leash broke). I was in the impact zone and in no real danger other than the current and subsequent set waves, but I was OK. Regardless, two different Brazilians in the water offered me their help, one even offered me his board to help me paddle to the shoulder. Needless to say, it was a selfless act with only good intentions behind it. Proving again that it aint where you come from, its how you act...

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