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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Mentawai

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By Anonymous , 17-10-2009

Cheap Places to Stay ??? - Does anyone know if there are Hostels on the Island ? I am looking for something that is not going to cost me $200 dollars a day.

By Feri Novriyal , 17-03-2009

paradise island... - beautiful place for the leisure...
paradise of surfing, ......

By Anonymous , 30-06-2007

- Thank you,
We ran into some fuckin brazos at lances who thought they were gods gift to earth. even stealing waves from luke stedman and taj.Learn how to share waves or stay in rio!

By Glad I got to surf here back in 1990 when there was only "The Boat" thanks Martin. , 26-05-2007

Sorry Gustav Lasdin, its true! - Touring(not Pro)Brazilians and Australians act like God gifted locals over here. Short conversation, arrogant and usually sub par surfers. Pretty much a waste of time to book a boat unless you book the whole boat with some of your Cali and Hawaiian buddy's.

By ABC and CNN , 12-05-2007

NBC - NBC, you must be picking the wrong destinations or wrong seasons... there's still plenty of uncrowded, world-class, and affordably-accessed waves in the world that warrants all the travel hassles. As for Hawaii, I live there and often surf quality waves alone or with only 6 people out, on North and South shores. Westside most spots go unridden completely, except for Makaha. But yeah, if you're just passing through, you're not likely to know all this... Better you stay home then, and save your money.

By NBC , 10-05-2007

Good Point - Good Point about the over commercialization of these third world spots. In all honesty I have not been to Indo, and although I would like to experience the waves, I don't see it's worth the prices these guys are charging. I've gotten good surf in the Philippines and in Costa Rica, but than I come home and get it just as good or better right here in my own backyard.

Many times I have spent all this money, flown for hours, and then driven for hours to get to a surf break which only has the advantage of warm water and sometimes its not as crowded. Shoot..Ask me to drive 2 hours for surf when Im at home and Id look at you like you were stupid. But if it's a surf trip, you have no problem flying 13 hours, driving another 2, and then getting on a boat for a few more hours to surf a crowded line-up. It doesn't make sense, and it's the same reason I haven't been to Hawaii to tell you the truth.

I say save all your money and lets pool it together and build some artifical reefs in Cali to spread the surfers around a little bit more.

By Gustav Lasdin , 23-11-2006

Brasilian Opinion - Surfers of the world,
We need to stop to talk about Brazilians, hawaians, Australians, this forum is about wave and Surf and it is not a cultural opinions.
We are here to speak about waves without generalizing races, religions or nations, good and bad people in all place exist, We need to respect everybody, mainly in the country that is not ours, mainly to receive well, well to be received. Good waves for all folks include brasilians, hawaians, australian etc...

By Anonymous , 25-10-2006

grom ripping - hey i surfed maccas in may and it was so fun i had the best time but that camp gets me so pissd off its not funny.
but that grom ripping good work mate

By Jess , 25-08-2006

Awesome! - Man, i had the best surf of my life here! The place has the best left hand tubes in the world! Also further down the line thw walls a fully rippable. Awesome place as long as you don't get a boatfull of yanks or brazilians in the lineup.

By Anonymous , 14-08-2006

- Yeah it's sad dude, how can they ever justify the price?

It is pure explotation,these indo surf camps owned by westerners are kick in the face for local people, It's crowded anyway, id rather see a hundred losmens on the beach and Indonesians getting better off than a surf camp that charges big bucks.

As for the post below about Bule making big sacrifices to captain a boat in the Islands for six months a year,charging US $100+ pp...Are u crazy or just stupid.

Your comments are an insult,you suck, dont forget who's country it is Indonesians not bule.

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