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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By from padang , 29-03-2004

thanks Jacob for your lie story - thanks Jacob, for your lie story of Goodsumateran,

you did know that no surf guide for your trip before you get on the boat, and no internet access on the boat,we didn't force you to go abroard, you did agree with the condition. you get what you paid!! you paid for very cheap so please don't ask for 5 stars service. you stayed at not great hotel because you don't have money for great hotel, I had offered a great hotel but you didn't have money,and you didn't have enough money for cheap hotel.

I had help you to negotiate with Silk Airlines for next flight, it was all your mistake so you missed the flight, Why you didn't wake up earlier?

Good sumateran gave the best thing for your holiday,we tried to arrange a budget trip for a budget surfer like you but you still tried to grab our money.

if you want to enjoy a holiday with good service, you can join with our luxury boat, so do not make lie story again.

thank you very much

By don't do it , 09-02-2004

well said - i second that notion. same goes for all other surf camps and sell-outs. you're all selling your soul!

By clif (my real name - and which org. are u?) , 09-02-2004

a surf camp - for the guy running the camp. FUCK YOU. jealous...never. i don't give a fuck about you 'putting it on the line' the locals are the ones doing that and what are you paying them? bugger all - probably some third world wages or a pittance in rent so you can make more $$$. oh we give em jobs etc. turn them into what we want them to be. how much 'surf aid' are you offering. those guys didn't build a camp to make dollars but help out local crew because they felt like they could do more. and what about leaving the adventure in it like the crew who found the waves and left it as they found it. making who's dream come true ... yours you selfish bastard. i had to leave surfing the ment. and go elsewhere to get away from the destruction you guys brought. And you did destroy...don't bs us that you didn't. there are other places in sumatra with sick waves and hopefully nobody tells your greedy little soul. i have been going to this area for a very long time and what i have seen is embarrasing for surfing. you surf your crowded $ sign waves and the people who surf because they LOVE it will go to the little nooks and crannies they bothered to search and find. absolutely NO respect for your so called business because you have no respect for the the locals and surfing... Our arguments aren't bs, what is bs is the lies you are telling yourself. Whew! glad i got that off my chest. rant, rant, but you will still be there ripping off surfing and the locals.

By anonymous , 31-01-2004

Take a chill-pill folks - I'm 44 years old and got my surfing aprenticeship right here in Ventura County. The Dredge is my home break and I currently live at the Strand. I for one get around and surf wherever the fuck I want.I don't hassle kooks anymore. The rule I live by is "If I don't get hurt and you don't get hurt" its a good day of surfing. That encompasses everything mates.Especially drop-ins.It's going to happen to everyone. I even do my fair share of it especially if I don't know you. My hearing is bad,my judgement poor,and my sight is going."Hey,hey,my wave" I think I hear. But as only Mr. Magoo would do I carry on and tell everyone "Go fuck yourselves". It's a goddamn nightmare out in the waters here of late.Fools from everywhere coming here and disrespecting the unwritten rules of suring.There is an etiquette you know. I'm not here to enforce it, just here to surf as many waves as I can possibly get. Which brings me to Mentawais. I have ventured over the last two years and I'm booked on another capitalist boat trip this May. Thank fuck for that. It's a different deal over there.My first trip there and I was part of it.The beginning of many years' to

By Stu , 29-01-2004

Go for it. - Just don't fuck up the local culture with your greedy capitalist exploits. Ie don't build a fucken great big hotel when you get in there with the president. It's one of the most anthropologically important places in the world. (If they want a US lifestyle, let them move to the US). Good on you for living your dream. Just don't let money pollute it for everyone else. As I'm sure you wouldn't.

By Christie Carter, Manager WavePark Mentawai , 29-01-2004

FYI - Just reading through everybody's messages, mostly anti-surf camp/charter boat. I own and manage the only surf resort in the Mentawais, for the last SIX years. You don't believe me, check out If you are really interested, you can also read there some of the BS that I have had to go through just in able to get a company/resort operating in the Mentawais. I've noticed a real consensus on what "hard core" means when it comes to surf travel, and I think its a bunch of BS. Most of you guys writing in will never even have a clue as to what it really takes to get out there and lay it all on the line, with the hope of making your hobby your livlihood. So get off the backs of those that are trying, and get over your jealousy.

By Buzz Aldren , 13-01-2004

there's clingons on the starboard bow - Hi guys, just want to let you all know that i am looking into the prospect of putting a surf camp on mars. it is all a bit 'up in the air' at the moment but as soon as the yanks from NASSA find some water up there i'm gonna build a special intergalactic charter boat. i know it sounds a bit adventurous but i thought i'd jump on the band wagon by trying to exploit any and every new break that is discovered, just for the sake of a few bucks. let me know if you could be interested.
anyone have any ideas as to what sort of a wettie you would need up there?

By Eel Bird Humperdick , 13-01-2004

the world is going belly up big time - I 'm getting pissed off at how commercial surfing is becoming. Everywhere you go there are surf camps, surf schools, surf boat charters, and at the end of ther day it is all driven by money and greed. All the big surfing brands have a lot to answer for trying to get every turd in the world to get into surfing and buy their products, they are fucking a great sport through greed and mass marketing. I know there are still plenty of uncrowded waves out there but there are too many wankers who try to make some cash by starting up a wankish 'surf camp' or surf charter boat company at these previously almost unknown and unsurfed locations. if you want pumping uncrowded waves get off your arse and find them without paying some dick bender to do it all for you. keep it easy, and don't be surprised if a surf camp opens up on mars soon now that the yanks think it is such a good idea to spend billions of dollars snoopping around a planet with nothing but red dust on it.

By rossburgh , 28-12-2003

dont tell! - if anyone out there has any inclination to tell these guys how to get around sumatra etc... feral style- DONT. the reason its still good and worth the HELL of a mission, is cause so few know and are willing to find out. someone helped us along, yes but not by telling the WORLD on the net. ever been to nias? thats what too many surfers can do to a spot, good waves but be weary of the ripping off locals! also those guys getting upset at each other for either being a feral, or a bmw driving charter boat surfer, all to his own, who we to judge?

By anonymous , 12-11-2003

Pumped! - I have just finished my HSC or for you internationals reading, high school or senior school. Whatever. Anyway it has been my dream to go to Indo to go surfing and i really want to get out to the mentawis. I don't have much money so i was planning to boat it out there and hire a guide or something or just treck it. I read you can get a boat out there that takes 10 hours for 20000 rupiah which is like 3 dollars. I have been told that many stories about indo from when my step-dad when he was there in the late 60's that i don't think i could surf kuta. He couldn't even surf ulus because there was no way to get out there it was jungle. Now there would be that many guys there it's a joke. If you have any good tips about being over there like taking camping gear or anything that you think would have helped you out on your first trip to indo leave them on this site thanks! I am planning on going for a couple of months or a few depending on how i find. Cheers.

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