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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By tom , 01-03-2005

crowds in mentawais vs nias vs maldives - am trying to get a boat trip together this year for june/july and am thinking that maldives is the go because i have heard, even on boats, you can end up getting semi-crowds in mentawais??? also not sure about Nias???

By charge it , 17-01-2005

oh yeah - Yeah boat trips, i'm still going, nothings wrong with those reefs they are still firing. I just talked to my friend who's a boat captain and he just scored maccas going off on that last swell. Don't sweat anything, just come out like everything is normal, because it is, as long as you stay on a boat that is.

By anonymous , 13-01-2005

geography change? - Just out of curiosity doese anyone know how the earthquke affected the reefs in the mentawais? i hear there was potential to push many of the reefs out of the water but i was wondering if anyone has gone out there to see what it looks like. Sounds like the people of the mentawais faired ok. I have a question for people planning boat trips out there this upcoming season, are you still going?

By anonymous , 01-01-2005

Quoting OH MY GOD!! - Your question asking whether or not some guy duck dived the wave....? if you tryed to duck dive a Tsunami ur F*cked. You all know the feeling of being dumped of a 8-10 footer yes? well times that by 1 million and you'll have your answer if anyone duckeddived it. But some guy did body surf the todays paper.

Peace brothers

By Regular visitor , 28-12-2004

Whew ! - Just been online to a realy good mate of mine apparently the island of suberet escaped virtualy unscathed, as for the islands on the southern tip of it, apparently they only had a surge of 1-2 meters, which is good for all us surfers who visit the surf tours, which may be opperating as normal next year, NOT GOOD FOR ALL THOSE POOR FUCKERS WHO LIVED NORTH OF THE FUCKING MONSTER QUAKE, TO WHERE THE TSUNAMI`S WHERE SENT TO,?

By anonymous , 27-12-2004

Still there? - I wonder what's left of the islands after the disaster...
I suppose a lot of people didn't survive...and the guys out surfing? ;-(

By Regular visitor , 26-12-2004

OH MY GOD ! - Just been scouring the internet found out that this area was hit be a tsunmai in the region of 7-10 meters, I WAS HERE JUST AFEW BLOODY WEEKS AGO, i hope everyone in the area got to saftey, i wonder if anyone caught the wave of there life ?
Or had to do the duck dive of there life?

By , 23-12-2004

need investor. - Hello...

I have a land (beachside and a private bay) actually there are 2 surf locations near my island (lances left and lances right) and I need investor to build the land.

please feel free to email me at for further information

By , 08-09-2004

rough style - Can anyone share some knowledge on camping in Sumatra / Nias / Mentawaiis during the wet season. I'll be out there Dec-April.

If you want to open a conversation, a meaningful one, email me.

By representin , 12-06-2004

Jake you the man - First off i want to say that Jacob's message is true! I was on the boat also. Good Sumateran sucks but fortunatly for the surfing world they are basically out of business...classic "what goes around comes around" situation. The guy from wavepark is cool but really what does that matter? How many of you have even been here? How many of you will really come? Sat on a plane for a long time, sat in an airport, then a car, then a boat, then you go surfing and read your book or watch tv while somebody cooks for you. And even then what have you done? Paid money to someone so they could hold your hand to come out and surf here. Without the people who come here and really do it none of you would be able to come surf here...and if you think it's all gravy forget it. Sacrifice is a big word that none of you will probably ever be able to fathom. Sacrifice is hard core.

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