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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Chris , 16-11-2006

Crowded - Went in July this year with a bunch of mates. A lot of money to spend to surf with more guys than you get at home esp. when a boat load of 15 Y/O sponsored seppo groms seem to turn up at every spot you're at. Everyone's amped to the max which kills the tropical paradise vibe. F*cking goods waves though - if you're prepared to hassel the seppo's, brazo's, and Euro's.

By , 09-11-2006

surfing solo - being sent for work in sumatra and will have time to get wet dec8 -dec13th. dont know where ill end up but hoping to get a few shacks. any empty boat spots? otherwise im land bound... which aint so bad either. surfing for 20 years and am 30.
lemme know.

By SILVERSURFER , 05-11-2006


By Anonymous , 09-08-2006

Pumped 14yr Old - I wanna go to the Mentawais!!! I was watching Young Guns 2 and it got me so pumped. Do the waves usually break or is there long flat spells?

P.S How do you pronounce Mentawais?

Some people say Men-Ta-Wahs ... ?

By Matthijs Collard, , 30-07-2006

Mentawai Trip - We chartered a boat from 3th of September to 16th of September going for the mentawais. We are three dutch guys and are still looking for 3 other guys to join us. It is pretty cheap, like 80 dollars a day, food and included, leaving from Padang sunday the third. Interested? Send me an email:

By Dutchie. , 21-07-2006

Victor Lopez - We were also there when Victor started yelling at everyone. It was such a shame, since we went to the Mentawais to escape the local bullshit we have to deal with in Socal on a daily basis. I tried speaking to this Lopez guy, but he was not going to change his opinion. That was until our boat captain paddled out with some local boys and told him to mellow out. Same result, tha guys still screamed...really odd that this happend. Anyway, we had a awesome trip and hope to be back soon.

By Anonymous , 08-07-2006

need to know - Is there any longboard waves at the mentawais like 4 bobs, pussies, pitstops any of them surfable on a longboard ?

By im going there soon , 08-07-2006

I need info on kandui resort - If any has got any feed back i wont honest feedback no bullshit on kandui resort at the playgrounds region could they plz send the info to

And plz no lieing im really hyped to go and also if u have been there did u surf 4 bobs

By book it , 20-03-2006

new boats - the sickest new boat in the Mentawais is called Addiction. Book a trip on it straight away.

By Capitalist lifetime surfing pig , 28-12-2005

Victor Lopez - Not a bad bloke if you dont paddle inside him, 54 years old and can still kick yr ass and slill a passionate surfer. Victor should probably mellow out a bit but if you have a beef with him you should probably discuss it with him personally instead of crying anonymously. The Mentawais is a pretty cool place generally and it is sad to hear so much negative posturing by a bunch of tourists - feral or otherwise. Best waves in the world - no localism to speak of and the only bad vibes are the ones you bring with you. Still the best uncrowded waves in the world.

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