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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By Anonymous , 16-01-2009

Feb '09 Off-Season Charter Discounted - Join Us - Taking one of the nicer bigger boats out Feb 15th - 26th just to check out the whole operation. May be buying in and we only have about three people going. Looking for a couple extra people who want to get some waves without the high season crowds. Thanks -DK More info on this listing:

By Anonymous , 19-12-2008

Wavepark - The original surf camp in the area, been there many times and a lot of pits. Christie gives waves to his guests, not hog them. I guess if you can't surf and pull back on a lot of good ones then yes you will be paddled around and snaked CHRISTAIN. Another resort just opened in the area and have ruined it. Owners who back stab each other, dump 20+guys in the line up all the time, and 2-3 boats worth of surfers daily following you around. If there are pros at that resort when your there your skrewed they will put you on the back burner and cater to those over paid kooks. If you want good food learn to fish.

By Christian , 05-12-2008

I agree that Christie is a shmuck - I have met this Chrisite shmuck once out in the water, and heard stories about him from the local charter boat crews as well. He does not treat his workers well, feeding them cheap crap, and paying them only pennies per hour. He also does not own the land he is on, nor does he have any solid lease on the land, so to reinforce what was said below....Investors be weary! Christie also dresses like a girl out in the water, wearing a spring suit, long sleeve rash gaurd, and booties. No one looks quite as gay as he does coming down the line, and to make it worse he is a wave hog, snaking even his own guests. His Wave Park Losman, in the heart of the Playground region, as he states, is not even in Playgrounds, and is more like 15 minutes away by boat ride from Playgrounds. He does lie, and cheat his guests by charging them an expensive price, for a less than quality experience. A couple of my friends who have stayed at both Wave Park, and Kandui told me that Kandui was a 1000 times better experience, with way better accomodations, better food, better waves, happier better fed, better paid local staff, and the price almost the same as Wave Park. I personally prefer to go on a boat charter, but if I was to stay on land, it would not be with that little rip off fag Christie who thinks he is god out there. Boycott Christie!

By Anonymous , 05-12-2008

Check this Before You Book to Mentawai - is the only Mentawai Govt endorsed association in the islands. The new laws and rules are explained. Make sure you book only at licensed resorts and camps or on boats on the MMTA list. Many operators will tell you that they can take you regardless of the MMTA regulations but you are the one who is at risk. They might get away with it some of the time but a lot of boats got stopped by patrols this year.

By Anonymous , 19-11-2008

Feb Boat Trip..Interested??? - I am going on a 14 day boat trip to the mentawais Feb12-26th and am looking for 1 0r 2 more guys. Anyone interested send me an e-mail ja-ja-jake@hotmail

By tom , 23-07-2008

Beware Christie at Wavepark - One could pass through Wavepark early or late season and have a good time.At the outset Christie comes off as an earnest guy.However my friends and I stayed longer and got some glimpses behind his mask.
Christie lied to my face more than once.He also cheated us on the exchange rate for a good sum.Caught and confronted in a lie he will play dumb,and then find some weird logic to deny all.I guess if I lived and played king on an island for 10 years I´d always think I´m right in my own head too.
Few years back you could dodge the charters occasionally and have a good time.Kandui opening changed all that.They have so many guests and their dayboats are everywhere.Add the increasing amount of budget losmens in the area and it turns into one big headache.
I´ve cut and pasted below part of a post Christie put up recently on MMTA(Mentawaii Marine Tourism Assoc.) website forum re. this issue,in it Christie squabbles with a neighbour..

June 11, 2008
…… I do object to you and him bringing your non-licensed, non-tax-paying, non-reported guests to drop in and snake my guests. Sorry bro, of all the camps that have sprung up around Siberut, yours has the worst reputation. The surfguide that you provide for your guests (usually you) knows nothing about etiquette about about controlling your guests so that everybody can have fun. My guests constantly complain about you and your friends.

There are many other things we could sort out face to face next time you are in the islands, but this laundry should be aired publicly.

Christie Carter
CEO PT,Harta Karun
Wavepark Mentawaii

Fact is Christie desperately want to cash out.If anyone were to entertain such a proposal,watch your back!
Meanwhile sketchy owner & crowded waves,its your call.

Pismo Beach, Ca.

By Anonymous , 06-07-2008

Warning-Mentawai for surf boat charters - From July 15th 2008 the Mentawai goverment will be enforcing laws relating to commercial surf charter boat operators.

At present there is a very high percentage of surf charter operators, whom do not hold correct Licences to operate surf charter services whitin the Mentawai Islands.

If these boats are found operating from 15th July 2008 onwards, these boats may be dealt with legally how the Mentawai goverment see's fit, which may include being sent straight back to Padang.

For the Suf charter guest this may mean there surf trip cut short.

It is highly recommend if you are booked or plan to book a surf charter boat trip to the Mentawai Islands after 15th July 2008 that you do your research, and ensure you surf charter boat of choice has the licences needed to operate within the Mentawai Island area.

Thank you.

By Anonymous , 25-04-2008

- I stayed at wavepark soon after it opened. Camp manager Christie is a good egg and rips in the water. He will get you to the best waves on offer for any given day.
Careful surfing ebay though! I got compressed in a tube out there and didn't walk right for 6 months due to knee ligament damage.

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

wavepark - Yep the camp is good and the crew is really good too

By Anonymous , 14-03-2008

wave park - can anyone tell me anything about the wave park. is it good?

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