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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By rossburgh , 28-12-2003

dont tell! - if anyone out there has any inclination to tell these guys how to get around sumatra etc... feral style- DONT. the reason its still good and worth the HELL of a mission, is cause so few know and are willing to find out. someone helped us along, yes but not by telling the WORLD on the net. ever been to nias? thats what too many surfers can do to a spot, good waves but be weary of the ripping off locals! also those guys getting upset at each other for either being a feral, or a bmw driving charter boat surfer, all to his own, who we to judge?

By anonymous , 12-11-2003

Pumped! - I have just finished my HSC or for you internationals reading, high school or senior school. Whatever. Anyway it has been my dream to go to Indo to go surfing and i really want to get out to the mentawis. I don't have much money so i was planning to boat it out there and hire a guide or something or just treck it. I read you can get a boat out there that takes 10 hours for 20000 rupiah which is like 3 dollars. I have been told that many stories about indo from when my step-dad when he was there in the late 60's that i don't think i could surf kuta. He couldn't even surf ulus because there was no way to get out there it was jungle. Now there would be that many guys there it's a joke. If you have any good tips about being over there like taking camping gear or anything that you think would have helped you out on your first trip to indo leave them on this site thanks! I am planning on going for a couple of months or a few depending on how i find. Cheers.

By isaac , 10-11-2003

Give me some lovin - Im another person seeking info, so too all the people bagging out the crowd i dont guess you will repy. But if someone could be so good as to tell me whether or not its worth the time and money to go in jan/feb you will no doubt be rewarded in empty karma barrels next surf!!

By chip - on the shoulder , 31-10-2003

i fucking hate charter boats. - that's right, i hate em! leave these waves alone.

By friday , 28-09-2003

lazy bones - no real responsibilities. maybe some people make huge sacrifices and are willing to do so. and what are your responsibilities? what are your priorities? some people dream and don't sell out that dream so they can have a nice bmw convertible. you a judging the area by western standards, writing off how the locals do things. whose standards? mate, you if you don't have a clue don't post. the real frauds are the people who think cash is yourself.

By Robinson Crusoe?...........not! , 26-09-2003

Ripped off in Indo - All that BS about the adventure being half the fun is great if you're a loser drop-out with no real responsibilities and all the time in the world to float around from Island to Island. Those of us WITH LIVES need to get in and get out with the maximum amount of waves possible packed into a 7-14 day trip.
Boats charging surfers thousands of bucks just to get people over to Indo only to leave them SOL with no waves and no real attempt to follow through on what they promised in thier itinerary need to be exposed as the frauds that they are.
Those losers out there playing Robinson Crusoe and talking smack can go suck on a coconut!

By i want shacks , 25-09-2003

respect - respect boys. that's it i'm off. aceh insurgency be damned.

By anonymous , 22-09-2003

Too right - Adventures are what you remember and are proud of. Make the most of bad situations. When I first went to Mentawis I spent the first five days looking for a boat to take us out there. We stayed in a Padang shit hole and had a ball. Meet the locals - learn some Indo and you can have fun. The boat we got was a local indo boat with all indo crew that didn't speak English, We cooked our own meals, from noodles and coconuts from the beach, and fish the crew caught. Made all the decisions about where to go. Indos will always want to stay put. We found the surf spots using notes written into my lonely planet. Ended up surfing perfect waves, meeting some lifelong mates, and having the best trip of my life. .

By but for a spa ... , 04-09-2003

boats - about getting a shitty boat ... that's indo bro. guys have died surfing and getting to waves in sumatra in earlier days, like the first guys to surf Nias... malaria etc. boats have drifted out to sea. you had it easy and you complain. if you want five star luxury go to bali or tavarua. five star boats are out there and to be honest i think that sux. much better to have a real adventure, get lost, hire fishing boats, think you are about to drift to antartica and get that one day...mmmm. don't take tha adventure out of riding waves and getting to them...surfing is more than the waves (wierd but true) how much more do you appreciate that day after luggin your boards for five days through malaria infested jungles, learning bahasa indo, and coming back like some feral pig. woooooooot!!!! how come you did up anchor and explore instead of getting a guide. surf a break you are not sure about, ahhhh the rush of not knowing.

By i just got back from the mentawais , 30-08-2003

dumb guy - the guy who posted that the boats should be banned is pretty unaware of the situation considering that the only way of getting to the islands and the perfect waves is by boat, and im sure a mcdonalds would be successfull on the islands

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