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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tanjung aan

Indonesia, Lombok

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By soulx , 07-07-2011

mr - i been indo many time for 25 years and have seen all the expat wanna be locals .ill be surfing lombok in oct and watch out any try hard expat who tells me to fuck off ,i dont take that shit anywhere i show respect at every break and am always sharing even on my home break which is so crowded. so try me mr river and see where you get ,theres only one place for try hards in this world be warned motherfucker

By Bossan bokan , 05-05-2011

Ho ya ! Bossan bokan ! - Yep, Tajung aan is a Locals's spot and the locals are so friendly, without this ozzi expat called "river", an old man wearing a water cap, he is such an asshole !
Be carefull about him and his friends...
This spot also works inside the bay when the swell is 6ft and +

By Anonymous , 07-02-2009

just a wanker - what are u talking about u cant surf tanjung aan u are a kook and a nerd havnt got anything better to do than get on a web site and cry about the waves if i didnt say go home then the locals boys would have, come back to lombok u wanker and any local guy would say the same goblok

By Anonymous , 15-01-2009

TO THE EXPAT AUZI TW@T'S AT Tanjung A'an - Just because your married to local girls, doesn't give you the right to tell anyone that walks on to Tanjung A'an beach to F'off.. Yes, I understand that it's a FAR, better wave than people think and yes I also know the dangers of the reef at low tide thanks, didn't see you guys out there the other day when it was a solid 6ft + on the dropping tide. Word of advise, sort out your bottom turn \ generally uncomfortable Joe average surfing style before giving sh1t to others. Makes you look somewhat of a tw@t, especially when the person your trying to 'heavy' runs rings (fins in this case) around you in the surf. Grow up man... The water is for everyone and people like you just mar the sport.

By Anonymous , 11-09-2008

kuta-locals - Agree with that comment about kuta-locals. Well not everyone we met some friendly ones as well. But u got this "gang" that hires out bikes, tried to sneak us first but luckely we had this huge finnish guy with us. He looks like a not-to-mess with kind of guy. so they didnt do anything to us.
knows a guy in grupuk that runs a surfcamp as well and he told me they have showed up freathning them cause they didnt wanna use their services longer (like suply food n stuff) cause they didnt care a shit about the agreement and just showed up shitfaced and asked for more money. they do seem nice in beginning but watch out for them. one guy got a weird eye thats all i can remember how they looked like. they also showed up 2 times when we had dinner at resturants in kuta. dunno but it looked really liked they go ask the resturant stuff for some procent's every time they have guestes. one of them also sat down at our table totally over his head n just talking shit. we ignored him for like 15min then he walked back to this poor guy owning the resturant, said something took a bottle of some alcohol n went off!

we felt sorry for this resturantowner so we gave him some more money after this assholes left n i reckon everyone shall do that cause they dont get many customers a day. reckon its at least the thing do to.

away from that lombok is a really chilled place, no party just surf.. enjoy!

By , 16-07-2006

Lombok - me and my girlfriend are thinking to go and stay at the novotel near kuta so i can rent a car and surf round the surroiunding breaks for a week..are there other good accomodation recommendations?

By Anonymous , 22-06-2006

dodgy - a few people to look out for in kuta if your going to rent a bike. dont trust jen or a guy called berog... they made me pay for the bike that wasn't even theirs and when i took it back thes said i crashed it so i had to pay a whole heep of money to the f##ker. other than that everyone was great! if anyone's looking for a boat out grupuk ask for gabriel, he doesn't rip you off and he'll tell you when the sneaky ones are comeing in!

By Anonymous , 22-06-2006

gromit - been to kuta 3 times now and met gromit upon arrival. thought he was a nice guy and he took us to grupuk... didn't see any harm in the little lad

By Mimpimanis , 13-01-2005

Gromit - I am an expat living in Kuta Lombok & dont know of a Gromit??

If you need any more info on the area (non surf) I run a Lombok Forum.

By Alan Rich , 10-12-2004

video of Tanjung A'an - See my old surf film "Wizards of the Water" if you want to know what the lefts and rights look like. We filmed there in 1981. I took Larry Blair and Brad Mayes (the late). It turmed out ot be our big discovery (because the boat we chartered to take us to what would later be known as Desert Point was so slow we had to turn around at half way, thereby missing it altogether!)... It was a good trip.

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