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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Lombok

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By ajar storm , 31-01-2010

my home break - senggigi is my home break,one of best wave in lombok but now is to crowded i went back last year i can't believe so many people, i left senggigi in year 2000 there was four us local.

By Anonymous , 15-12-2009

NEVER AGAIN - i stayed at senggigi for 12 days with my girl friend at senggigi beach hotel. its a great place to chill and dive. but a dogey place for surf. the biggest it got was knee high and even then it was lapping o the rocks. i will never go back and it is a complete waist of time even going. i would rather stay in bali.

By Anonymous , 17-05-2009

right + left - accedentally rolled up with out even realising a wave was their.. been back another 2 times prior that.. great for learning.. only usually about 3foot on its best of days. we surfed it at a max of 7foot! it strats to get scary surfing it at 5+foot on low tide. paid the price for tryng. very difficult tak off on the right at low tide due to sik suck ups. the locals nick name the left baby deserts. that says it all

By New_ax , 12-04-2009

great place for surf - For surfer!
You must try surf hear.
this great place.

By jt , 03-08-2006

beware of the end section - stayed at the resort for a couple of days, didn't realise there was even a wave there,scored it two days straight,afternoon I arrived the rights was fun and then the lefts were firing for two days, gets really shallow on a low tides, ran out of water a couple of times. Paid the price on the last day with some nice cuts to take home. The rights are fun but breaks a bit wierd, really depends on swell direction. Lefts are the go. Depends on the wind which side works

By Anonymous , 23-06-2006

Mr Mute! - Kick ass little wave, always worth a look on your way to S'room heaven. Look out for the urchins and a mute guy on the beach who always seems to be selling something. Enjoi

By vj , 13-06-2006

sik - stayed at the sengigi beach hotel bout 5 years ago, didnt even realise that there was a wave in sengigi cause i was only bout 14 , me and my mate scored it sik like 3 days straight , super fun and extremily uncrowded. Definately worth a look aye , bit of a paddle but

By Andy from San Diego , 15-04-2006

Great fun left-hard to score - I was there mid december '05, scored for 3 days straight. I was the only white guy in the water, surfed either alone or with 2 local grommits who charge. Hook em up with a leash or wax and they'll paddle you out to the peak. Slow take off super fast and hollow sections. needs the right wind and right tide, usually best in the mid to late afternoon. I scored 3-6 foot, can go to crap as quick as it turns on. The right has possibilites, pretty hard to score.... Fun wave, don't need to be and expert to surf just need to be able to pump and have a little bit of balls.... Love this wave - great escape, great island (unless you like the crowded scene.)

By anonymous , 14-05-2005

2004 - not very crowed, nice people, it doesn´t always work,

By anonymous , 09-07-2004

east vs west - senggigi is of course on the west side of lombok, north west of mataram, not on the east as is described in the guide.

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