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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Indonesia, Lombok

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By chris , 10-04-2010

RIP - Sad to read this here, was looking forward to seeing Michael again.
RIP Mad Mawi Mick! You will be missed...

By Anonymous , 02-04-2010

Michael - I knew him as michael, not Mick. He may have been called Mick for short but not that I ever heard. He was a good bloke who liked the local people and was generous to them. We surfed some good sessions at Mawi and Outside Ekas. IYes, he will be missed.

By tim ellis , 11-12-2009

met him sept 08 - so sad to hear about Mick-he was such a great australian escaping the Bali madness and yes I met him sitting under the hut at Mawi.He pushed me to go out alone on a pretty large day- we had lunch later in an amazing cliff cafe overlooking Kuta bay-he was 47 I think? rip.

By Anonymous , 29-03-2009

RIP Mick - In late March "Have a chat Mick" passed away in Sumatra. Mick was Lombok's permanent visitor and he loved the place. Mick was ever helpful to visiting sufers. I understand his ashes were spread at Mawi. If that's the case his final resting place is in one of the most spectacular spots in Indo. RÍP Mick.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2008

Boss - As mentioned by others, Mawi is an awesome place to surf. Can be heavy when it gets real big and the reef is sharp but on a good day it's awesome.
Hire a bike in Kuta and get down there. Small warung on the beach where for 5K they'll look after your bike and gear, 5K for a Kopi Susu and Beng Beng and 5K for a pineapple; too lovely. Great place to stay in Kuta is Segare Anak bungalows. Enjoy.

By matty , 16-02-2007

Mawi is Scary!! - I got this place real big and real powerful back in June of 06'. It was probably Triplehead for two days during our trip. Not too many people out at this size, cuz the reef here is the sharpest I'd seen in Lombok and the current is ferocious. Great wave, great adventure. Be nice to the locals and you won't have any worries, keep your guard up though, I've heard some bad stories about some of the locals from nearby villages

By Will , 22-11-2006

Pelit kamu - You stingy wanker, think of it as feeding a person for a day, struth you are complaining about $2. Oh well, one less surfer in the water. I'm happy to pay $2 for security.
This is Indo remember !

By Anonymous , 23-08-2006

Expensive spot !!! - Hello,
Just a message to inform you that locals have put two bareers and expect you to pay twice when you will go surfing this spot. At the beginning of the 4WD track, you will have to pay first 10 000 Rp (The road doesn't seems to be private and is very rough). And, when you are on the parking, you will have to pay again 10 000 Rp for "the security of the car" (Ususally it is 1 000 or 2 000 Rp in Indonesia. The car is visible when you are surfing and there is nobody on the beach expect some farmers or fishermen wich are very friendly and not thieves at all). I thing it a non sense to pay 20 000 Rp to surf this spot even it is not very expensive for the foreigners. I don't like the principle of paying for going surfing so i won't go again to this spot even if it's a nice place with a nice wave.

By , 04-08-2006

Secret spot X - 1992 we named this "secret spot X". It's a great powerful break. First time we spot the break was from a boat and then we rented some bikes and went there. Nice peoples and a nice beach. But god what a power.

By anonymous , 21-04-2006

no problems - the wave is ok, breaks whit power. Bee nice to the people.
Lots of poverty.

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