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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Gili trawangan

Indonesia, Lombok

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By Anonymous , 14-09-2010

- "why do you think it's called secrets? - You found a wave with no crowd and friendly locals. What do you do? You put it on an international web site. When you go back to GT in five years and find it packed with ego-tripping surfers and the locals are no longer so friendly you can point the finger of blame squarly at yourself."

just got back... Ah, the truth hurts!

By Anonymous , 31-05-2010

Nice place for onshore surf - Went there for a week in April – only surfed once. Most of the swell is blocked by the Bali and Lombok Islands (obviously) and the SE trade winds are directly onshore. That said it was very pretty with volcanoes around and generally a pretty chilled vibe on the island. Not really a place for experienced surfers to get waves in the on season – Barrel Nazis and Shedders time would be better spent surfing offshore waves somewhere else on Lombok.

By Marc , 27-09-2006

Good Island - Just back from Indo. Was on honeymoon and went to Gilli T for some quality time with the wife. Didnt expect to get waves but there were a couple of days of shoulder high on the sets.
Not somewhere to head on a dedicated surf trip but if you are travelling with a chick or want to party a bit it is a good stop off point. there are plenty of boards for hire although most quite heavily used. so you dont need to trawl your on stick over on the off chance there will be waves.
Very hard to make on your back hand especially if your pretty crap like me.
Still a good place to spend time and plenty of snorkling,diving and drinking to be done if you dont score waves.
Have fun

By anonymous , 04-04-2006

- i went to the Gilli's for a party break for the full moon. To my extreme suprise i woke up one morning to a high tide 5 foot right hander with 2 locals out. Now this wave is far from perfect but super fun n safe. I bullshit the locals actually call you into waves to surf them, thats if your good. They love to see abit of spray, and the more u impress em the more waves ur gonna get. but def head to Gilli Air when the wves r on, it soooo me mechanical, but the boat fare is outta control.

By Rin , 24-05-2005

Trawangan Right - About 6 years ago I went on a 4 day kick back and party vibe over there to escape the Bali scene for a bit. I awoke one morning in another drunken haze to find perfect three foot crystal clean walls peeling down the point. After running around madly, I managed to borrow a board from a local that had been broken at least four times with only one twin fin of the three left attached. Although the board was tough to say the least as I could hardly carry the log due to an amazing excess of resin used, it was great fun and a great surprise as I hadn't even bothered to bring my boards. Well worth a trip over for the chilled out locals, lifestyle and if you get waves, all the better!

By Fish , 28-10-2004

GT Went Off - Yeah GT goes off, i agree with the other guy, treat the locals with respect, just say hello and smile and very soon, yep, they really do call you into the best waves. I was there for 2 months (doing my divemasters)and it went off probably 6-8 times.
p.s. Dive with Blue Marlin, the best crowd on the island, and Hook (local dive guide) will take you surfing!

By anonymous , 14-07-2004

- yep Gili Air rules. stopped off here on the way back round from scar/supersuck etc... and was suprised to find it going off. not the biggest but so much fun and the local kids that surf it are classic - only place i've ever surfed where the locals call you into the best waves!

By The Grey Ghost , 25-06-2004

Gili Island Waves - There is a wave on Gili Air which is the best little right-hander I've ever surfed. It's only short, but the great thing about the wave is it breaks over exactly the same patch of reef with each set - such that it's easy to find yourself taking off deeper and stalling more once you learn the faster sections. It's live coral too.
Me and a mate took the boat across from Trawagan once on the off chance. As we arrived from the deeper water we saw a set from behind breaking at what was easily overhead. There were two guys out. Two things about the place though - it is sooo far up the lombok channel that once the tide turns, the waves turn off, literally, like a tap. Desert Point needs to be eight foot or bigger - incomming tide. Three second barrels every second wave.

By Aleks , 30-03-2004

Nice-price - Yep, Gili is swinging if you catch it right I guess. I went there in june, but the waves were small and inconsistent. My local friend begged me to stay untill the fullmoon, since it makes the place come alive. He talked about some serious surf...but since I didn't have the time to sit around eating mushrooms, snorkling and waiting for the moon, I took the boat to Nusa Lembongan. There I found nice waves, and a much more relaxing place. Gili is cool, but it's starting to get a bit overcrowded. Nusa was smoother, but that's just me. If you like to party and meet some seriously nice locals, Gili sure is the place to go. Not for the surf though!!!

By , 07-03-2004

fuckin bagus! - I don't know if i been luky but when is workin....fuckin good!

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