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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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By Smittee , 11-07-2006

Mexicans @ Deserts - Yeah I know its strange but there's a group of Mexicans who hang out at Desert Point now just waiting for it to break. Its crazy coz they barely speak anything but Spanish. I'm nto sure how they got there or how they survive, but they all seemd to be well-equipped with North Face tents, cooking gear, quivers, etc. I thought they may have been sponsored pros from Chile orsomethign but in what little Spanish I knwo it was clear they are from Guerrero, Mexico. I asked how long they were staying there (at Deserts) and one of them said in broken English they lived there! Anyay, some other bloke wrote in a photo caption that big Desert Point has 'little margin for err' in fact that is wrong, big Desert Point has a big margin for err - in other words, you have much more space and opportunity to make an err.

By wilber kookermyer , 10-07-2006

- Best with 2-3 feet of water on the reef (or so i think)tide going out. Any higher tide it sections.Low tides killer to but it seems to me longer barrels with just a little water on the reef.Almost allways turns inside out after 6 foot solid (almost) big foam ball flying down the reef.Nick surfed the biggest wave I've seen there.Randy D. has the best storys. My longest tube there was on one of his wide boards.To bad my backs jacked or id be there now giving my respect to those who deserve it about 7 kiwis (how do you spell it) 6 aussies 3 americans.
Watch out for celebrelle malaria ,maleria, super posineous snakes,wild bores,full on rip-offs, crazy current & Extreemist muslems. If that bothers you dont go. If you like looking through a little hole while your riding in a small room size tube sitting way bak in there with all the sucking barreling bitchenness go.

By some x-surfer surfer-x , 10-07-2006

new Z-Land sheep fukers - I heard a bald headed mexican ask some sheep doing boys what they liked better swordfights with there mates in the tents or sheepfukin they said sheep...P.S. who is racer-x the ding repair boy pablo, the mexican't, or sir nick. Whats up with Cat Eyes and Herk.

By Anonymous , 10-07-2006

- Thought I'd check out some comments on the best left in the World. No such luck, only idiots commenting on nothing that has anything to do with surfing

By , 16-05-2006

brazilian named buto - someone knows about a brazilian named Buto? were can i find him? I got a 25" Buto's barrel at d.p. on my records and i know that he´s kind of a different brazilian,low profile cool I would like to give to him that images of that classic day. any information please write down to Peter (France).thank you.

By anonymous , 05-05-2006

the anonymous guy that posted on the 27 Mar 2006. - Fair enough Bondi Bill.. im only relaying what i saw on the news where you see a large group of austrailians with no shirts on, drinking beer in the streets throwing things at the cops and generally stirring things up. Maybe some peoples idea of getting attention.. but seriously at the end of the day isnt going to change anything except futher agrivate the problem. I used to live in aus, next to a lebanese family i might add, and know all about how they form gangs with their cusions whenever they get into sh*t.. so im not going to comment anymore on that, somehow i dont think a truce is on the cards.

By Bondi Bill , 30-04-2006

Tourist Dollars - What a load of cobblers!When anyone calls a spade a spade they're labelled a racist.Stereotyping marginalised people is small minded and dumb.There are no doubt some fine,upstanding and community minded Lebanese people.These are not the ones I'm talking about.Come to Sydney and witness for yourself these bullying thugs in gangs --who come to another culture because their own country is in rack and ruin through years of bloody civil war,and practise religious vilification in someone elses country.If a Christian was to do this in Beirut would they be tolerated? Even "Blind Freddie" knows the answer to that.My point is :What good are they to a laid back people.
The loud mouth Aussies you intelligently referred to ,are in Bali where holiday makers and surfers spending tourist dollars,adding a large amount of cash to the local economy.What are these Lebo thugs doing in Aust-dealing in prostitution.drugs and extortion and religious extemeism.Aussies are a tolerant people but when is enough enough.I'll bet my last bottom dollar the Harbour Bridge for a Tooheys that the Balinese people would like the Aussies back.Even my VB drinking mate I.P.Daly reckons its a dead cert-like Phar Lap in the Bullamakanka Cup.Ocean swells keep my chiming If I upset any decent law abiding reasonable peoples my appologies--just personal angst.

By Captain Bingetang , 26-04-2006

binge - Binge Drinking is the next best thing
to being there

By Flash , 13-04-2006

Get real - Bondi Bill - you have just proven that Australia is the closest planet to earth..

By anonymous , 27-03-2006

- Sooo your not happy because there are shoulder hoppers here.. why bring up the cronulla race riots? is it because you are racist? I see so many of you loud-mouth Aussie's in Bali, why dont you get along with the Lebanese and stop using alcohol to fuel your racism and make things worse. The Balinese put up with you, why dont you put up with the Lebanese.

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