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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Desert point

Indonesia, Lombok

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By wise old cunt , 05-11-2010

crazy - in my opinion it is the best wave in the world!!!!

By Anonymous , 26-04-2009

malaria - malaria is endemic in the region. numerous cases have been reported in Bali. If your staying on a boat and it's offshore do you think your safe? hehe

By Anonymous , 07-04-2009

no malaria? - dont fool yourself-I got malaria at the inn deep--yeah there is lots of malaria at the beach --mosquitoes cant fly 15 minutes to the inn deep--dream on

By Anonymous , 24-02-2009

stay at inn deep - i stay at inn deep hotel, there are no malaria mosquitos there, its nice, all the pro's stay there, $50 buck a day gets all ur meals, only 15 minutes from deserts, better than staying on the beach w/ the mosquitos, goindosurf, deserts isa great long barrel, go in may, or early june, july and august gets too packed w/ brazilians

By Captain Bintang , 17-06-2007

malaria at Deserts - My friend Dazzy just spent a couple of months out at the point, like He's been doing every year the last couple of years, just came down with Cerebral Malaria.
everyone who spends time there has got malaria, thats why they closed Bobbys surf camp so many years ago.
But now the nasty Cerebral Malaria has got there.
Look out!!!

By beef , 05-04-2007

u better jiu-jitso - Oh what fun it is to surf this wave---60 heads in the line-up and half of them are ready to tie u in a knot--too bad you didnt go there 15 years ago---its too late now---its nothing but chaos

By pdiidy , 27-02-2007

yeoyall - definely a fucking great wave, scored some 10 second plus barrels out here, its fucking a balls and all wave that once youve locked into the barell theres no escaping untill hundreds of meters down the line. when its big, its a fucking sight to see.

By bob da booger , 01-02-2007

best wave ive surfed - magic left hander! this place is wat dreams r made of. shame bout da crowds n all da snaking dat goes on

By Vanilla_Rice , 16-07-2006

That was my pic - It was me that posted that photo.. we had 10 competent surfers on our boat that day and none went out.. Mainly because the surf was enormous and down the line there was a nasty current with the reef sucking dry on the sets.. I'll post up 2 more pics in the next few days entitled "Rainbow Tube" and "Desert Pits" From the same series of shots as the other one..

By Smittee , 11-07-2006

Mexicans @ Deserts - Yeah I know its strange but there's a group of Mexicans who hang out at Desert Point now just waiting for it to break. Its crazy coz they barely speak anything but Spanish. I'm nto sure how they got there or how they survive, but they all seemd to be well-equipped with North Face tents, cooking gear, quivers, etc. I thought they may have been sponsored pros from Chile orsomethign but in what little Spanish I knwo it was clear they are from Guerrero, Mexico. I asked how long they were staying there (at Deserts) and one of them said in broken English they lived there! Anyay, some other bloke wrote in a photo caption that big Desert Point has 'little margin for err' in fact that is wrong, big Desert Point has a big margin for err - in other words, you have much more space and opportunity to make an err.

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