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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Kerry Black , 07-03-2005

To anonymous - Getting from Kuta to Ekas - the following information is what we provide guests coming to stay at Heaven on the Planet a resort in South East Lombok, Ekas Bay.

Transport can be chartered from Kuta to the village of Awang. It will take about half an hour to three quarters of an hour to get from Kuta to Awang. You will know what the going rate would be for travel of that distance – probably around 50,000 Rp (perhaps more)?

Then, when you arrive in Awang charter a boat from there to go across the Bay to Heaven on the Planet. We have a friend in the village of Awang “Using” a friendly hunchbacked guy who speaks very good English (and perhaps a little bit of French). Using will be able to organise a boat for you. We have an aquarium in Awang and there are many people in the village who know us. Using or Bhakti are people who have worked for us in the past on the aquarium project so either they can help you or any of the fishermen in the village will be happy to charter their boat to you. We usually pay them around 50,000 – 60,000 Rp for the trip across the Bay. The boat driver may try to tell you he cannot land at Heaven on the Planet. This is merely a ploy used to try and keep you in Kuta so they have the opportunity for repeat business. It is very easy to land at our property, there is a choice of two beaches to land at – the small beach directly under our property is the easier one to land at on high tide.

Alternatively, you may choose to telephone our manager/driver who can come and get you in our four wheel drive vehicle. Naim lives in Mataram and sometimes collects people from Kuta and drives around to Heaven on the Planet. His telephone number is +62(0) 8123705393. This option is a lot simpler but will cost you a little more @ 200,000 Rp (for one person) the price list for all transport is advertised on our website

By anonymous , 17-02-2005

Getting around - Is it possible to get to Kuta direct from Lembar? Also how easy it to get to Ekas from Kuta? Any info would be much appreciated.

By anonymous , 07-11-2004

airguling - went to kuta in dry season to windy maybe try and surf early mornings

By , 02-08-2004

Advise!!! - Hey, I plan to go to Bali from mid January to the end of March can anyone recommend somewhere to stay. Also from what I have been told Lombok is the best place to go at this time of year, is that right??

By anonymous , 06-07-2004

worth going on wet season - go to bali and surf the east side. swells are consisten enough for a trip. i surfed bali from late november till mid jan and only skiped two days becaus of the non stop rain. got nusa dua once at 8-12' scary shit, but mostly 4-6.

By anonymous , 08-06-2004

Worth going 4 surf?? - Hi All, I am planning on surfing bali/lombock in end of october and the month of november. Will I get waves every day??, is it worth going? I know the site says that it is off season. Does anyone know the story who has been there? Please let me know as I am planning.. Peace . One love!

By , 17-04-2004

bungalow at mawi - There is actually a bungalow that you can rent at one of the jaga jaga's property.. the thin one.. good luck

By , 10-03-2004

where to go - wheres the best place to stay and surf near kuta is there place to stay at mawi or where can I get awave with out to much travel and crowds

By , 14-02-2004

good spots for novices? - does anybody know of a nice beach break for a novice longboarder to check out in April? Lombok and also Bali (I'd love to get away from the crowds of Kuta on Bali)...
Also, any women surfers out there with stories of traveling solo on both islands?

By nick huges , 29-07-2003

dessert point best place - is lucky day to have surf at near Kuta Lombok and good wave.
Mawi and Dessert point the best place to have a wave .uncroded and also big wave .Beware with Mr.jerry as a Guide at kuta lombok cause he`s bloody dick head

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