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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Air guling

Indonesia, Lombok

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By voltron , 01-04-2011

- its just over the hill to the west from kuta lombok. about 10mins on a bike

By TheDaftSurfer , 13-02-2011

- As Vascogranja I'm really interrested in surfing this spot for my first indo trip but I haven't find yet where is "Air guling".

By vascogranja , 18-01-2011

Air Gulling - I've been in Lombock in 2008, maybe I'll be back this year and I want to explore more spots. Can someone give me the exact location?

By nico , 16-05-2010

- nice place and good wave, go with a bike. The south of Lombok is a pleasure for riding a bike and after the waves, the "road" is broken but no problem...

By Mat , 02-10-2009

best surf spot ever - ive just got back from indo trip, aya guling was perfect tripple overhead offshore barrels all day, only me n my dad out there

By Wallace , 21-08-2006

Go the Grom. - 100,000rp...mate - you got ripped off! He offered it to me for 50,000rp complete with your ABBA CD and all.

By Saya jumpa lagi , 07-07-2006

Grommit's alright! - Yeah bumped into grommit, he's 17 now, reckons he learnt heaps from ripping you off. He's a master of his craft now. He still laughs about the fact that you had to buy your CD Player back - he's hanging out for your return as he reckons that you would've upgraded to an IPod by now...

By anonymous , 02-05-2006

- i just got back from kuta and personally thanked gromit for ripping off your cd player and pissing you off cause you are such a tool.....

By anonymous , 13-03-2006

Can you get over it? - Just get over it, mate. Enough whining and whinching now about this 15 yrs old that ripped you off.

By anonymous , 09-12-2004

DON'T TRUST GROMMIT - If you go to Kuta, you will meet a 15 year old kid called Grommit...he is a thief...he nicked my CD player from EKas and then sold it back in it back though, but had to buy it back of the guy he sold it to for 100,000Rp...DON'T TRUST HIM AND DON'T DO HIM ANY FAVOURS.

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