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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, Bali

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By Anonymous , 08-01-2010

lassos - We had this wave sick in sep 09. Double head + sets. Only 4 guys actually taking them. Got the longest forehand tube of my life. Board / neck snapping heavy wave though - not for kooks!

By Anonymous , 11-08-2009

gtnrdy - Hey Pete,
There are a couple of places to stay on Nusa Lambongin for under 10 USD. Close to the breaks, also some resorts for quite a bit more.
Stayed there for a week in September and had a smokin good time 5 foot, no-one out. There can be a bit of a rip when it gets big, but if not too big a super fun wave. Saw about 5 bloody heads that week at lacerations, and shipwrecks is epic. Great little island to stay for a little while if you don't need to party every night.

By Peter Vicich , 23-06-2009

Comments! - Comments should be for tips, recommendations and sharing experiences in general about the place, it shouldnt be used to fight, people that visit this web doesnt care about people fighting without any sense... and I see this in many comments and in many different surf spots...

Surfers should be cool people, so be cool and colaborate with surfing comunity...

How good is this spot??? when is the best time of the year to surf it??? does it needs a big swell??? are there good and cheap places to stay??? these are somethings that would be nice to find here...

If any body knows about that would be great to hear about it

Thanks and keep it cool


By Anonymous , 13-03-2009

surfing..joke - all you surfers have too be kidding yourslefs, as the lad below said stick too your 2ft beachies, im sick of dam surfers thinking they own the joint when they quit clearly dont!

By Anonymous , 02-03-2009

valid - i think the person below who said zip it should zip it. there is too many boogers. there shouldn't be any above the age of 8. and definitely none travelling abroad furthering their stupidity. judging by you saying "mate " you sound like you are the blow-in in indo.

By Anonymous , 05-02-2009

zip it - These are the surfers that annoy me, i have no problem with other surfers its just the stand up comedians like the one below me, probably just saying that because the bodyboarders made him look like the blow-in that he is. dont travel and think you can own a spot mate, you should probably stick to the sand anyway champ sounds like you havent got a clue.

By Anonymous , 28-11-2008

- boogers shouldnt come here. they are idiots and not the most sophisticated human beings. we should have a culling season for these people.

By james , 20-01-2008

wet season? - hey does anyone know if this spot is any good in march, thinking of heading out. cheers

By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

dream day - I was there in january 2002, and had without doubt the best waves of my life.And to top it all, at one stage there were only 4 people in, and then just me and a mate.I still think about the waves there- awesome spot.

By Dan. , 03-06-2007

Be careful out there.... - Dont think its a walk in the park, ive been surfing here for 8 yrs and seen everything from hardcore reef cuts to broken legs... its seriously heavy,
make one on a good day though and it'll be the barrel of ur life!!!

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