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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Kuta reef

Indonesia, Bali

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By sam westbrook , 24-04-2007

great spot - Kuta reefs a great spot if you get the tides right and its un crowded. get a local boat operter to drop you off and aragne pick up.

By Whipp-It , 25-07-2006

Kuta Reeb - "Kuta Reeb" as the locals pronounce it is such a playful wave.
Just got back from Bali, spent 2 wks there. Stayed right in front of the reef.
First day ou there was hollow 4ft with only 2 other aussies out there! Super hollow, easy take off with nice barrels then a sloping wall to play on for the next 100m or so, then another nice little baz on inside sect to finish up. I'm natural so surfin on my backhand, one of the funnest waves i have surfed, even on my backhand. So many more guys out airports, but not as good or hollow as Kuta Reef, so much better.
I reccommend to anyone for their first surf at a reef break in Bali BEFORE goin to Ulu's, bigin etc. Get comfortable on bali's easier reefy before hiitin up the prime spots.
Dreamlands and Balagan are good spots too.

By indo fan , 25-01-2006

kuta reef - kuta reef is an awesome wave.gets pretty crowded but is still heaps good.hollow and fast the best surf i have ever had.middles is also good with a less is also worth getting in a bemo and driving to some of the epic places like ulus, padang padang and dreamland.always be kind to the locals and if they drop in on you remember its their break and dont be to pissed off.boat is the best way to get out and only cost25000Rp which is arond about 3aud$.if you choose to be a stingy bastard its about a 20-30 minute paddle.Indo has some of the best waves on offer so if your looking for a fun surfing trip with your mates you cant go past indonesia.

By anonymous , 23-11-2005

- crowded or not this place rocks. get to no the locals and it all gose good. peace out..

By Joe , 11-11-2005

Awesome - Kuta reef is the main break for all the kooks, and gets crowded at 6am. middles reef is great at mid to high tide, less people, and theres waves going right and left. watch out for the rights as they occasionally break dry, even on high tide. its a faster and less crowded wave. go to airport left as well but beware of the multicultural kooks who dont no the surf rules.
Middles reef and ulu are the ones to go to. peace

By Luke Jackson, Alternative surf , 18-08-2005

Kuta Reef Goin Sick - Me and Me mates got some sick drop knee bazzas out there man, I got one that was 3 seconds then I snapped one off the top, right in a stand up's face, man he was pissed, he was a kook man, there's heaps of em out there. I was dominating! The best rights I've ever surfed.

By anonymous , 14-07-2005

Kuta Reef - Nice spot, though a bit crowded. I had an excellent surf guide there in Bali. His email address is Contact him if you need transportation and local wave guide, super reasonable.

By Zigz , 13-07-2005

Sucky shifty now over there now over here - Got this reef on a good day with 25 guys in the lineup and the wave disbursed the crowd with dispatch. Never had a problem even tho some of the guys were hot and others kooks. Can get too much offshore wind tho. The sets can line up on different parts of the reef sending the pack flailing and leaving the lucky ones in the spot to whip it around and drop in. Good ding service in Kuta with the local surf shop. I think Kuta reefs reminded me a little of when I lived on south shore Oahu, except the Bali waves kick Moke waves all to shame. The crowds are similar in native attitude, like they invented surfing or something. Except they did not. In fact it took quite a few California shapers a long time to train the lot of em, Pacific and Indonesian.

By lambo , 10-07-2005

kuta - nice wave with heaps of different break but the most popular is closest to kuta beach. the peak at that break goes both ways but the left is way more popular but if u paddle around and take the right, on the right tide, you can get a heaos hollow, shallow barrela that heaps powerful, but be careful cuz the end section can go dry! (i know this from experience)

By anonymous , 16-06-2005

sick - i was out at the reef a few months ago, crowded u ask? fuck no, 2 guys out inculding me. 3-4 foot face with 6 foot sets, trading off wall after wall and getting insanley shacked. i reckon the time all you poms went is july or round there. look at the swell maps, get a cheap flight to bali and stay there for a couple days. also for a warm up surf go to the beach break and have a paddle, this place can get hollow. p.s. always see if there are boats on the beach near the wall at the end of the beach, they take ppl out there for like nothing and stay out there and bring ya back in.

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