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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By r2 , 30-06-2005

Surfing in Bali Dec/Jan - Hey! I'm going to Bali and Lombok on the 27th December and staying for 2 weeks. I wanna know where are the best places to start surfing, I'm a begginer. Also I'd like to know if guides are any good (maybe even teachers) and how much a board would cost?

Any info is appreciated since we don't get waves in Finland. Thanks to all who reply or email
asjostedt ( at )

By chico , 26-06-2005

bali nov - dec? - hi i've got some time off around nov - dec this year and i'm thinking of going to bali - where is the best place to surf around that time of year - i heard the eastern part is allright - what kind of size can i expect that time of year? and how bad is the rain??? thanks for any help.

By SC to Bali , 26-06-2005

Re:Luke - Thanks for the information as it is much appreciated. $10 USD to go surf and back is more than fair. Thanks again.

By jon , 25-06-2005

sc to bali---rocky - freinds used rocky @ westside surf, hes a surf guide, picks you up, takes you to a wave of your standard/style and surfs with you. being a local ya bound to score otherwise he dont eat, freinds highly recomend him mob 081338790992.

By luke , 21-06-2005

this should help ya - walk out to the nearest road near your hotel, there is bound to be a taxi driver somewhere, speak to him, haggle a lil bit but not to much, ask him to take u to uluwatu for example and then say to him before you leave if he can stay there while you surf and u will chip in a extra 40,000 rupiah, he will stay there for ya with your board bags, food, water and everything else and not touch it, remember if you are late give him some extra because remember how lucky we are compared to them and we always haggle over just like 1 or 2 dollars, cheers have a good trip

By SC to Bali , 20-06-2005

August Bali 8/05 Trip - Going to Bali for the first time from San Clemente. Looking to absorb some beautiful Bali culture, people and surf. Looking for some nice rights and no hassles (9.0 pin tail/7.6 retro egg, single fins). I hear things about the gate to Dreamlands, but my guess is if you're respectful and willing to fork up whatever "fee" I hear it's a good break. Perference are beach breaks, or not so heavy reef breaks given the tide and swell. Lastly, staying at the Hyatt, so can hotels line up transportation to breaks and back? Thanks to all for any information and safe travels to everyone.

By anonymous , 14-06-2005

bali accommodation - hi there, has anybody a list of addresses where to find good and not expensive accomodation in Bali? anything from bungalows to hotels or apartment is well apreciated.
Thanks! please take away the 00 from the email when replying

By anonymous , 12-06-2005

guilty or innocent - hey gomms, i am as aussie as it gets and i would stick up for a aussie i didnt even know in a fight. but there is something im not very sure bout, corby, there is something that is telling me she is guilty and she fooled the whole of australia into believing her. mind u i could be wrong and i hope i am. maybe we should not look at this case so one sided. i sure do hope what im saying is wrong and i hope she does get let free. peace. p.s. keep going to bali, dont stop going to bali because of this case. they have had a hard time to remember!

By , 09-06-2005

Crowded, Crowded and Crowded - I was there in last July, for bussiness and one week for surf. The place is beatiful, but in July is so crowded, so i try some alternatives and go to a boat trip to lombok... good but the only ploblem is the others 10 boats that make the same trip at the same time... as soon that we stop in a spot other 4 boats stop with 15 guys each.... so imagine... and G-land has 200 guys or more... So don't go there in July....

By jared , 09-06-2005

where to go - hi, i'm on my way to indo in late october for about a month or two to surf. i know that's a shitty time to go but at least the crowds will be lower. anyway can anyone give me any advice where the best uncrowded places to go are around that time of year. i was thinking about lembongan but any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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