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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 21-09-2005

surfboards - My girls and I are going to Bali at the end of Sept. Don't know weather to drag our boards down or are there surf shops with decent boards. And if we bring our boards do we bring short or longboards cause we all surf both. Also need a place for 19 days..any suggestions....aloha

By anonymous , 19-09-2005

Surfing in January - Hi, Im planning on going surfing in January. Can anyone recommend the best surf spots for a beginner and an intermediate? Also is January a good time to go? Thanks!

By cheetah , 29-08-2005

do i need to worry about mosquitos in bali in sept? - all the books im looking into are scaring me about malaria, any thoughts or advice? i know that sept is on the cusp of wet season, but i have also heard that in bali you dont need to worry about mosquitos as much as the other islands?? also, arriving into denpasar in the evening and want to stay somewhat close (legian beach) the first night or so to get our bearings straight, any suggestions on where to stay? dont mind putting out some cash the first night, but after that are looking into cheap accomodations, will (hopefully) be surfing most of the time and not hanging out in our rooms!

By , 25-08-2005

have house in Bali - been living in Kuta for 8 months now and need a change from the halfnaked aussies parading poppies ll with a bintang. Found myself a three bedroom house out in Jimbaran, really close to airport lefts and 15 min from Ulus. Need to find two roommates though. It's a really nice house with a kitchen and, get this, it's only 300.000 Rp (30 US$) a month... If you're interested give me an e-mail or if you're already in Indo, give me a call: 081558340586

U would have to be able to move in a soon as poss.

By anonymous , 23-08-2005

Lombok - Go to lombok you could find some good waves there in the wet season

By jw. , 19-08-2005

NOV - DEC - i'm going to bali for about two months nov and dec - i kinda want to hang out in kuta for a while but i hear that the only good waves are in sanur that time of year. is it still like little tokyo that time of year? kinda hoping to go somewhere relatively uncrowded. what about going to lembongen or lakey peak? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. jw.

By , 27-07-2005

6 WEEKS IN BALI!!! - Just come back from a 6 week trip to bali! was my first time, and loved every second! Definatley going back next year! Went on a boat trip to lombok and sumbawa, had desert point at double overhead and bigger! scar reef also double overhead!!! even managed to surf a secret wave in the gili isles!!!!! Was 6 foot, hollow, shallow and a RIGHT! locals told us it was the best they ever seen it! So was real stoked about that! (the wave was just off gili air just to the left of the harbour as you look out to sea!)

cant wait to go back there! If you want to know good cheap accomodation, for 60,000 Rupee a night, goto ayu beach inn if you are staying in Kuta (its down poppies 1), it has two swimming pools, the rooms are clean(ish), fan cooled and have adjoining toilet with cold shower! The best place in Uluwatu is a small set of really clean tidy bungalows for an amazing 100,000 ruppee (for twin) per night, rooms are tiled floor, clean walls, no damp, fan cooled, good balcony area outside the room, and the best bit is the open air toilet/shower room! Have a shite at night and look at the stars! Just beware of the mossies! Its just up the road from the infamous sunset or rock top cafe (it has two names!), check the surf at ulus from here in the morning!

Anybody got any Qu's they wanna ask, drop us an email! Be happy to help, and tell you where to go!

By Arron Heldsinger , 16-07-2005

DRiving in bali made easy - The only way to truly have a hassle free bali experience is to hire a driver instead of a rented car. Driving in Bali is hectic and because some of the spots are difficult to get into,A local guy is of such importance!
The guy that I used is one of the most amazing people in the world,on call 24 hours,ready and waiting,with neverending supply of water in his sick air conditioned 4x4! He knows every single surf spot there is,when it works and which time of the year to surf it! Also,when its flat he takes you on the most awesome adventures around the entire island! Also his price is the same,whether its one person or five people! And the best bit besides having a legendary local to show you the island is that all petrol is included! I strongly recommend him for your stay in bali.
His website is and his name is dean,check it out or sms him on 0062818344807,its well worth it!

By , 03-07-2005

places to stay - Can anyone please help me out with some info on cheap, but safe places to stay in Jan-feb in Bali nexy year. Preferably on the eastern side. Also, how bad is the rain in those months. Please email to cheers.

By r2 , 30-06-2005

Surfing in Bali Dec/Jan - Hey! I'm going to Bali and Lombok on the 27th December and staying for 2 weeks. I wanna know where are the best places to start surfing, I'm a begginer. Also I'd like to know if guides are any good (maybe even teachers) and how much a board would cost?

Any info is appreciated since we don't get waves in Finland. Thanks to all who reply or email
asjostedt ( at )

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