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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 24-04-2006

surf in Bali from oktober till december - Can someone tell me if october/november/december is still ok to surf (or is another island in Indonesia better)?????????

By anonymous , 19-04-2006

Any Good Hang Out place in bali? - Hi guys...I am going to bali during world cup. Any good place where we can hang out and drinks cheap beers??? Please help...

By chef , 10-04-2006

surf in august - heys gays iwant somme info about surfing ine bali in ok to surf this period there.has any anyone surf ine bali this email is sommeone send me somee info as iam planning to travel from greece

By auzzie surfa 4 lyf , 27-02-2006


By , 25-02-2006

peace and quiet - off to bali in march, staying in kuta for first couple of nights but then want somewhere to avoid the crowds with good waves, any suggestions?? I was looking at legian beach??? whats it like?


By anonymous , 20-02-2006

Tubzi.... AFireInside rules - Goin back to bali (jjtubby) in april.. again... pretty much exactly like last year but im now a stand up... im so exited im taking a mate over and am having b day there. the other thing that makes it better im having a week off school to surf... wheres the best reefs? ive been to ulu canguu bigin(crap)... kuta reef(overrated... 5-6ft)and lembongan island. where are the magical hardcore breaks that ive heard of?

By , 24-01-2006

surfing february to march - hi. i m going to bali for two weeks end of february. am a mediocre surfer and looking for a cheap place to live. anyone any ideas?

By , 09-01-2006

How are the waves right now in Jan? - Cruising to Bali for the first time. I arrive there on Jan 20th. We are thinking of staying in Kuta. Are there any waves this time of year? And how consistant is it? Is there spots we should focus on surfing? What are some nicer places to stay near good waves? Any words of wisdom would be great.

By Fred , 09-01-2006

Crocs in Balian and freaky stuff - Hi I´ve surfed in Bali a couple of times in the past. I read about crocs swimming in the laggoon near Balian in the Balian forum and I was wondering how much of it is true? I´ve surfed the lagoon bank in front of the river during the wet season. The water was brown from the river and I gota say I was a bit worried about crocs cause a buddy told me he had heard about this. Nobody ever told me, not even the locals. I mean if it was true local people around should be informed and warn surfers right? Why are there no warnings about this if it was true in guides like stormridre guide or other surf guides? And besides why would there only be crocodiles in Balian and not anywhere else on the rest of the island? Speaking of freaky stuff, has anyone ever seen dangerous sharks around balinesian surf spots. I´ve seen a couple from a safe distance while I went diving in the northern part of the island but that was it. Skared the shit out of me! Anyone with different or similar experiences? I was also wondering if anyone has ever made some serious snake encountering. I´ve seen a couple of small green snakes and snake skins but thanks god also always from a safe distance. Has anyone ever encountered cobras or corral snakes. I know there suposed to be out there.

By anonymous , 07-12-2005

Cool buzz? - I live in HKong and I'm thinking of heading to Bali for xmas break. What's the vibe like there since the 2nd bombing?

A: Yeah, there are rentals everywhere there. You won't have trouble finding anything you need.

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