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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Wannasurf , 19-06-2007

community - don't forget to ask on wanansurfers community too!

have fun

By moose , 17-06-2007

Surfer Sistah, are you out there? - Hi there,

I'm planning a surf trip to Indonesia in early September (leaving September 10th), and I'm looking for another female surfer to charge reef breaks/barrels/fun waves with. I'm travelling alone, so I'm looking to hook up with people before I get there or when I'm there. Looking for a surfer sistah who's down for the cause. Let me know and contact me if you're out there!

By Anonymous , 12-06-2007

dreamland - best surf at mid to low tide. early mornings is best without the crowds.

By Murray , 15-05-2007

best time - This will be my first time surfing in Bali. Have visited Dreamland to see. Any body out there tell us what is the best time of day to surf Dreamland and any other surf spots in Bali. Going to Bali at the end of May.

By anonynous , 29-11-2006

bali insurance bali rip off airport - had a police report,and recetes for all the gear all near new,they just dont pay claims i find out QBE insurance never pay out on travel unless you take them to court dont give them your money find other company

By jon , 28-11-2006

Bad insurance - yep for theft,you wont get paid unless there is a police report, you have dockets from when you bought the items and you send in an arm and a leg and your mothers left tit, they will try and screw ya no matter what, they have allready got some of your money.

By anonymous , 28-11-2006

bali insurance - ive just come back from bali and on the way over my laugage was opeaned and all my camera gear was stolen luckly i had insurance through Q B E insurance so having no photo gear for two weeks i cam home and put in a claim they tell me that things in you laugage are not coved so not insured the police have caught some of the people in the airport in bali who stole items over the last year they brake off your locks look up the bali advertiser 8th october news read about it so dont insure with Q U E if your travet agent tells you to swap for other insurer read all the fine print and when at check in in sydney and they tell you have to check in cabin bags because they weigh more than 8ks carry your camers in your hands not in a bag bali still corrupt and insance just as bad

By dj , 15-11-2006

yeh - Yeh i think u should try and stay in sarangan, its smells beautiful

By Need Help , 03-11-2006

First time hitting the wet season - Hey people how you doing!! This is going to be the third time i visit bali but its the first i do it in the wet season!! Im wondering if it is better to stay in the nusa dua area (with the sri lanka, nikko and nusa dua wave) or head north and stay in the sanur or saragan area. What do you guys thinK?? Would appreciate any input and ideas, ill be there from the 8 till the 22 of december!!

See ya and Good surf!!!

By RUZTY , 01-11-2006

Answer to ur question bro - It dont matter when ur gonna be visiting n surfing it up in Bali.There will be waves anywhere u go..but if ur looking for extreme waves then thats not the time.if just for the fun of surfing then its alright.begineers head down to Kuta Beach,theres where all the tourist hangs.Uluwatu would be for Pro's.I think theres a surf comp. goin on in Bali in December.So it'll be crazy! anyways,there u haf ur answer.Surf's Up bratha!

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