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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 31-03-2008

about uluwatu - someone know a place cheaper to stay in Uluwatu? Is a good place stay in the south of the island o better is stay in Kuta and move to the spots? Tks.

By Anonymous , 17-02-2008

indo visa - is it true about only being able to get a month month visa in indo?

By Anonymous , 13-12-2007

question - how can i get to Bali from Jakarta? is a long trip? whats is the best place to stayed in Bali?Tks

By shorteyyy , 20-08-2007

my mate - is kuta beach really the only wave for my mate that have never surfed before? dont reckon he will be ready for kuta reef/middles or something after just one week, though we are going to be there n around for 3 months we have got plenty of time.. still any other waves for beginners around? bali is not the right place for beginners i know that allready.

By Anonymous , 25-07-2007

- Good site!

By extra mad dog , 11-07-2007

dog act - to the dog prick that smacked me out in front of embargo and his even doggier mate that booted me when i was down, watch ur backs, i`ll never forget ur faces. expect a dog act in return. im always in bali and i know u were in sumbawa, i have ur names already so expect a visit!!!

anyways there is great waves in bali but way crowded at the good spots, go early or late season when its less crowded, theres just as much swell. go to g-land or deserts for crazy lefts or if uv got the cash do the mentawais caus its just a mental set up with uncrowded waves on offer if u get the right boats.

By Wongo , 29-06-2007

Me surf girl rest - My wife and i along with her sister and boyfriend are heading over. I want to surf and the others want to relax and do girls stuff in a nice location.
Where do we go for the best of both worlds (awesome song)? I am an intermediate surfer and never travelled to Bali before.

By Wannasurf , 19-06-2007

community - don't forget to ask on wanansurfers community too!

have fun

By moose , 17-06-2007

Surfer Sistah, are you out there? - Hi there,

I'm planning a surf trip to Indonesia in early September (leaving September 10th), and I'm looking for another female surfer to charge reef breaks/barrels/fun waves with. I'm travelling alone, so I'm looking to hook up with people before I get there or when I'm there. Looking for a surfer sistah who's down for the cause. Let me know and contact me if you're out there!

By Anonymous , 12-06-2007

dreamland - best surf at mid to low tide. early mornings is best without the crowds.

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