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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 08-05-2008

Shots, vaccinations - What type of vaccinations or pills will I need for the trip? I rarely get sick but this will be my first trip to Indo and I dont want to miss out on waves because I caught some knarly tropical illness. Please, if you have been there let me know what you would think.

By pissed off , 21-04-2008

soooo pissed off.... - just saw the latest pics of Dreamland on and im heartbroken.while the waves were pretty shitty by Indo standards,the beautiful beach and the great people running the warungs made it for a dream experience, it's all fucked up by some developer building some 5star hotel for yuppies and i think a lot of people are really sad.that's just bullshit.

By Scott , 16-04-2008

uluwatu and getting jakarta - there were several cheap options out at uluwatu, but not sure you can arrange in advance through the internet, try doing a search for camps at uluwatu. i stayed at kuta and hired a driver to bring me out ($25/day for driver and 4x4). friends of mine would rent a scooter and surfboard rack for $3/day and motor out to surf.

jakarta is easy flight. 1 hour, $80-100 from airport by kuta.

here's some good info on surfing in bali

By Anonymous , 31-03-2008

about uluwatu - someone know a place cheaper to stay in Uluwatu? Is a good place stay in the south of the island o better is stay in Kuta and move to the spots? Tks.

By Anonymous , 17-02-2008

indo visa - is it true about only being able to get a month month visa in indo?

By Anonymous , 13-12-2007

question - how can i get to Bali from Jakarta? is a long trip? whats is the best place to stayed in Bali?Tks

By shorteyyy , 20-08-2007

my mate - is kuta beach really the only wave for my mate that have never surfed before? dont reckon he will be ready for kuta reef/middles or something after just one week, though we are going to be there n around for 3 months we have got plenty of time.. still any other waves for beginners around? bali is not the right place for beginners i know that allready.

By Anonymous , 25-07-2007

- Good site!

By extra mad dog , 11-07-2007

dog act - to the dog prick that smacked me out in front of embargo and his even doggier mate that booted me when i was down, watch ur backs, i`ll never forget ur faces. expect a dog act in return. im always in bali and i know u were in sumbawa, i have ur names already so expect a visit!!!

anyways there is great waves in bali but way crowded at the good spots, go early or late season when its less crowded, theres just as much swell. go to g-land or deserts for crazy lefts or if uv got the cash do the mentawais caus its just a mental set up with uncrowded waves on offer if u get the right boats.

By Wongo , 29-06-2007

Me surf girl rest - My wife and i along with her sister and boyfriend are heading over. I want to surf and the others want to relax and do girls stuff in a nice location.
Where do we go for the best of both worlds (awesome song)? I am an intermediate surfer and never travelled to Bali before.

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