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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Mega Man , 16-11-2002

asdf ? - asdf ? = a sick dumb fucker if he supports me.

By anonymous , 16-11-2002

? - What does asdf stand for?

By asdf hater , 16-11-2002

I am the king! - and I rule the world!

By Ghost Rider , 16-11-2002

We love you MegaMan - Anyone WITH a brain would be right behind MegaMan. To the seppos: if we keep at it long enough maybe, just maybe, you'll get it into you thick skulls.

By Mega Boy , 15-11-2002

To The Mega Man - I'm with you Mega Man! how can I contact you to Unite

By Mega Man , 15-11-2002

I surrender - I am one dumb bastard.

By Mega Man, mega man ?? , 15-11-2002

C'mon, no your not, I AM - You are just a camel poking imposter, I'm Mega Man.
World you hear me I am Mega Man, repeat after me, I am Mega Man. Leave my camels alone, they need me. Help me the mega man is the Mega Man,damn I'm losing it. Please Mr. Webmaster
take my shit off of here. I've been exposed. I have lost control. First I'm Mega Man,all powerful, than I'm mega man
who thinks he is. The only thing I know for sure these days is that I love camels. They just smile at me and accept everything I say and during my most private thoughts they grunt in appreciation. Excuse me if I don't post for awhile
I'm busy taking care of business. I'm getting sleepy from all this attention and love. My camels make me feel like a Mega Man. I could take on the world I feel so good. Afterall I'm Mega man, no I am mega man, no I am, no no no I am I am. Fuck this medicine is wearing off again. I t just doesn't work like it used to. Please, Please, "Save the Camels". Oh yea, remove all of my posts. I'm losing it.

By mega man , 15-11-2002

They are better than drugs. I smoke 'em,I toke 'em and you already know I'll POKE 'EM. Afterall I'm am here to save the day. I'm mega man and I everyone,whew I'm so relaxed.

By Mega Man , 15-11-2002

Duh, I just don't get it, CaveMaster - This is Mega Man and I am totally confused. That fact I know that all of you can agree with. I am one fucked up individual who unless I take my medication regularly I get real confused. I just took a double dose and I still can't get the message posted by CaveMan. He sounds just like me,totally fucked up. My split personality can't even attempt to understand his. Is he for or against America.
I want to know if I can hate him or not. As far as America everyone knows exactly where I stand. The only thing that I truly agree with is all the posts that tag me as a coward or possesses idiotic tenacies. Let the world know afterall I am Mega Man and it is a fact that I do love Camels. It is the one thing that relaxes me.

By bin Laden, CaveMaster , 15-11-2002

History will repeat itself - As I posted in the past that the world is spinning out of control. There are no sides. The Holy War has begun. Some claim it while others do not. The only mistake America has made thusfar is not recognizing this fact.

As many more die on all sides MegaMan will get exactly what
his hatred projects - death. Make no mistake about it as stated before that the American people are a patient lot but
when pressed too far they will respond. Repeat it will not be another Vietnam or Gulf War. All of the cowards will be exposed and elimated. It will be the world's worst hour.
It will be a bloodbath beyond belief. All will fear each other while everyone should fear God and his ultimate power over each of us. Yes, America will experience more tradegy for sure but they expect no less. Listen carefully,very carefully if you can to America and when there is silence,right when the enemy thinks they have won - ALL HELL WILL BREAK OUT. Please do not fear America, fear Americans because when your aggression is at it climax you will be completely destroyed. History is in the making let's hope for all that it doesn't repeat itself. Accept what you may but don't be so blind to think that anyone person is in control. We are all but instruments of God and are being used accordingly. It is Holy War and the final victory will be his alone. All one can hope for is that the world returns to peace soon. If not the world's greatest destruction is yet to come. Not even the likes of Mega Man can stop it. America has never hated our enemies we just try to define them. Once we accomplish that we tolerate them for a while than we focus in and destroy them. It is best for all of America's enemies to tread lightly for it is a war that you cannot win. Even if the world turns against America the world will be the ultimate loser. It is best to recognize this and retreat to your caves and third world ignorance. Make love to your camels often maybe that will relieve most of your stress. Just don't produce twins;especially, any the likes of Mega Man. His hatred is imbedded so deeply that he has already begun his own self destruct mode. He sounds like if given the chance he would
become the head cave boy because he definitely needs a little love. Maybe the Camel Masters will pass him around
and help his mental condition. Maybe they can convince him
to die for Allah. Hatred controls him and it will surely destroy him. I just hope that he is looking face to face with the enemy that he hates so much. I hope one lone American soldier looks him squarely in the eyes before destroying him. Hey Mega Bitch you are one cowardly punk.
Bend over CaveBoy your leaders are bringing your camel -ENJOY.

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