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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 30-06-2009

Heading to bali - Heading to bali in november till dec for 50 days go for a good surf and hit a few good spots anyone surfing around than with any details on what happens over there or any good safe places to stay ?

By tbouhil , 07-06-2009

Bali visit 07/09 - i m visting Bali in Jully for 24 days surf trip. i will be posting more details on this about surfing experience. we keep in touch

By Anonymous , 27-09-2008

Buying a board in Bali - I am going on vacation in Bali for oct and nov. I am wondering if it is better to buy a board in California and bring it with me or if it is better to buy a board in Bali when i arrive. Any info is appreciated

By Anonymous , 17-06-2008

Mr. nice - I'm in Bali on August, surfer since 6 years, snowboarder for all my life ! does any boarder or boarding girl want's to share car rental, boat and why not rent a house ? And shure more security in the water !

Be award i'm krazy but very serious person

By Hannes , 13-06-2008

First surf - Im thinking of goin to Bali for a couple of months, spending some time on the beach, sip a bear in the sunset, and hopefully learn to ride the waves... I just want some more info and inspiration... u have any must sees? where are the best waves? the niceest place to stay for some time?

By Ben , 03-06-2008

Board question... - I'm from San Clemente, Cali, and am a pretty good surfer. Headed to Bali for 1 month in a few days. Only going to bring two boards due to costs and am unsure which 2 to bring.

My standard board is a 6'2" swallow. I have a 6'5" step-up round-pin. I got a 6'8" mini-gun pin.

6'5" for sure, it's made for barrels. Better to bring my ripper board 6'2" and rent a gun for big days or not even worry about my smaller board?

By danielbrazil , 31-05-2008

Surf trip -
I'm going to Bali probably go to dreamland and I've never been there so i need to know where i could stay, rent a car and if it's too crowded there during this season tho... if anyone needs a roomate or somebody to share a car with hit me up! i'm headed there from the 14-26 of june! peace!

By quest , 29-05-2008

- ye.ali is great!

By Anonymous , 11-05-2008

bali - heading back for 2 months june-july. Solo, looking for others willing to share rental car or...

By Anonymous , 08-05-2008

Girls... - What is the deal with the girls over in Bali. Anything I should know?

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