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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Anonymous , 17-06-2008

Mr. nice - I'm in Bali on August, surfer since 6 years, snowboarder for all my life ! does any boarder or boarding girl want's to share car rental, boat and why not rent a house ? And shure more security in the water !

Be award i'm krazy but very serious person

By Hannes , 13-06-2008

First surf - Im thinking of goin to Bali for a couple of months, spending some time on the beach, sip a bear in the sunset, and hopefully learn to ride the waves... I just want some more info and inspiration... u have any must sees? where are the best waves? the niceest place to stay for some time?

By Ben , 03-06-2008

Board question... - I'm from San Clemente, Cali, and am a pretty good surfer. Headed to Bali for 1 month in a few days. Only going to bring two boards due to costs and am unsure which 2 to bring.

My standard board is a 6'2" swallow. I have a 6'5" step-up round-pin. I got a 6'8" mini-gun pin.

6'5" for sure, it's made for barrels. Better to bring my ripper board 6'2" and rent a gun for big days or not even worry about my smaller board?

By danielbrazil , 31-05-2008

Surf trip -
I'm going to Bali probably go to dreamland and I've never been there so i need to know where i could stay, rent a car and if it's too crowded there during this season tho... if anyone needs a roomate or somebody to share a car with hit me up! i'm headed there from the 14-26 of june! peace!

By quest , 29-05-2008

- ye.ali is great!

By Anonymous , 11-05-2008

bali - heading back for 2 months june-july. Solo, looking for others willing to share rental car or...

By Anonymous , 08-05-2008

Girls... - What is the deal with the girls over in Bali. Anything I should know?

By Anonymous , 08-05-2008

Shots, vaccinations - What type of vaccinations or pills will I need for the trip? I rarely get sick but this will be my first trip to Indo and I dont want to miss out on waves because I caught some knarly tropical illness. Please, if you have been there let me know what you would think.

By pissed off , 21-04-2008

soooo pissed off.... - just saw the latest pics of Dreamland on and im heartbroken.while the waves were pretty shitty by Indo standards,the beautiful beach and the great people running the warungs made it for a dream experience, it's all fucked up by some developer building some 5star hotel for yuppies and i think a lot of people are really sad.that's just bullshit.

By Scott , 16-04-2008

uluwatu and getting jakarta - there were several cheap options out at uluwatu, but not sure you can arrange in advance through the internet, try doing a search for camps at uluwatu. i stayed at kuta and hired a driver to bring me out ($25/day for driver and 4x4). friends of mine would rent a scooter and surfboard rack for $3/day and motor out to surf.

jakarta is easy flight. 1 hour, $80-100 from airport by kuta.

here's some good info on surfing in bali

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