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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Mega Man , 18-11-2002

You REALLY love me! - Thanks to everyone who flatters me by their imitation of me...I guess I must have hit a nerve, although I'm sure you probably think I'm making it all up! Sadly I'm not. Some of you kids seem to be missing the point...I am quite sure that every American is not bad or evil - this can be seen by the public majority Gore won. Gore is not a great man either, but merely the lesser of 2 evils. One problem though is that you Americans managed to give complete control of your political system to one party...much like Iraq! How can you possibly be happy with your nation when you are one of the few countries in the world that puts to death BOTH the mentally retarded and juvenile(16 or under) offenders. The United States is among only six countries that impose the death penalty on juveniles. The others are Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. So, you're in good company. As for this 'American Surfer' really think that the rest of the world WANTS America to 'police' them? Of course not you stupid fuck! Your just the bully who tries to muscle in on things that don't concern you...although you do seem to have a habit of being concerned when oil is involved...
IN 1997 some of the Taliban leaders flew to Houston, Texas while Bush was governor to meet oil company executives from Unocal to discuss the building of a pipeline across Afghanistan. One of the feasability studies was done by Enron(Bush's largest contributor), whilst Haliburton was slated to build the pipe...Haliburton's CEO? Why Mr Dick Cheney of course! As soon as you had bombed the shit out of Afghanistan(despite the majority of the hijackers hailing from Saudi Arabia - where you get 25% of your oil from), Bush installed a former oil company consultant as the 'interim leader'. He then appointed a former Unocal consultant as the USA's new ambassador to Afghanistan. Convieniently a few months later a new deal was signed to build that pipeline...Oh and one last thing...the Bin Laden family have, until recently, been large investors in Bush Snr's comapany, the Carlyle Group...As you American's elect these people, don't you think these coincidences are a bit odd? Yet your media never covers them...very strange. If you think this is just some stupid conspiracy theory, I suggest you check the facts - cos that's what they are- FACTS. Check them may be suprised.

By asdf hater , 17-11-2002

Yea? right on! that should make them shake in there boots - What a load of clods wollop! If you where surfing shark island at 10 feet you would get a chance to meet god in person!

By just one person,just one view,just one American , 17-11-2002

God vs. Satan - Dear Stu,

In the basic of all explanations allow me to express my views in which I am not trying to get you to agree with at all. Each individual must choose freely what will govern their own personal lives. God is many different things to many people , rightfully so. If in fact there is no God than
all is for naught. This I personally do not believe.
So if their is a supreme being in control than each of us with our actions will and must be accountable to him. Not me to you or you to me but to him alone. The fact is all countries fall short of his blessings and glory. Each of us are definitely wrong in our self serving views. America can no more control its destiny than any other country. I personally believe that a Holy War has begun. Not because someone else teaches me this but because mankind is spinning out of control,America included. Opinions are many and mine is just one, but if in fact, and time will only tell if my views are correct than we collectively must look towards God for ultimate "wisdom and understanding".
Countries like individuals are only developing and exercising a reactionary approach. America main sickness
is corruptness within its Government(not all but many)and
greed within its Corporate structure (not all but most).
The people with families want basically what most all families want and that being peace,education,and an existence that is one of harmony and respect.Americans,average Americans are no different than those of other countries. As stated before the real battle isn't even about which country is better or who is right or wrong but it is what it has been about since the beginning of time. (God vs. Satan) Only time will reveal the righteous. One thing for sure though is God will prevail.
It is man's arrogance that is causing all of his problems.
Each of us has a choice which hasn't been given to us by any man but by God alone. Let's not reduce or give credit to any one country or individual let's just accept the fact
mutually that God is in control and man is just an instrument that is being used to fulfill his plans. America
in all its power and success is only one instrument of many that is being used. Wise men in the end times will be reduced with minds lower than the most ignorant. In the news we see that happening daily. The so called wealthy,intelligent,powerful are spinning out of control on all continents,America included. The masses Americans and others if not careful will be sucked up in the chaos if not careful. Many already have been and many more will be.
Don't blame America pray to your God that "wisdom and understanding" be bestowed back on this great nation once again. While praying ask for the same for all Nations.
There is not a nation,none,that doesn't have internal problems themselves, How can any one nation even consider solving others problems when none of them can solve there own.Greed and Power if left unchecked will be the most destructive force ever unleashed on mankind. Each nation has deceitful leaders that only truly serve a select few.
Citizens of the world suffer because mutually we allow this
atrocity to happen and continue. It is not,and I repeat it is not only America's fault but the combined fault of all the leaders of the entire world. Each of us will be judged accordingly by the same God;afterall,this war is his war.
It is the Holy War and the world is spinning out of control making all of the wrong decisions.Decisions left yo be made solely onto the minds of men,corrupt men,will eventually lead to total destruction. Each of us is to blame if we stand by and allow it. Globalization believe me when I say this that the majority of Americans do not and did not what it nor do they support it today. Globalization serves only a few while all citizens from all countries suffer. Globalization is "greed and power" spinning out of control.
Most wars,past and present,even those not involving America
are wars that support this "greed and power". Citizens of most countries only serve their countries in which they live
because what else is it for them to do. It has been that way since the beginning of time and probably will continue.
The Holy War which has begun causes each of us to examine ourselves more closely because the true enemy isn't man or any one country but it is a choice each of us must make. Do we choice God or Satan beacuse it is their war and their war alone. Who are we to rename it,claim it,or even think that we can redirect it. The Holy War is God's alone in which Satan ,who can use his power to control man,will not be able to control God or divert him from his ultimate plan.
Now I not suggesting that "the end is near" but only that suffering,great suffering is in store for each of us regardless of who we support because each of us are wrong.
The world needs to take a break for a while,a long while,
and seek repentance and guidance from God and God alone.
Only with his divine "wisdom and understanding" can our collective destiny be diverted. In closing allow me to leave
a parting message St.Luke 18:27.

YES EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO DISAGREE but this was written per Stu's request.

By american surfer , 17-11-2002

stu - contrary to what you may think and feel most americans are definitely neither blind or stupid.we love our country but our government and big business scares the hell out of many of us.most of us choose to live our lives in peace and harmony.but don't even think for a second that when we get backed into a corner we wont choose to defend ourselves and our interests.
i'm not saying that our system is the best and i don't condone everything we do.but when there is a crisis anywhere,who does everyone turn to? i for one am tired of us being the world's police force.if you anti-americans want us out of your affairs learn to settle them amongst yourselves.if you support terrorism in any form then you are no better than a terrorist yourself.
to live in freedom and autonomy one must make personal sacrifices to retain that freedom.unfortunately sometimes those sacrifices are the most extreme and honorable one can make.just ask any soldier or true patriot in any country.
to blame everything wrong in the world on americans is pure ignorance and one of the problems with bigoted thought processes and that makes you just as blind and stupid.

By asdf hater , 17-11-2002

stu - ignorance is a wonderfull thing. you keep believing and what till your loved ones come home in a box. Obviously because they deserved it and the USA are to blame. Time to stand up and be counted pal!

By stu , 17-11-2002

I challenge any American................. - come up with a rational explanation for the conduct of their nation. One thing the anti-american bunch have is a well constructed argument. In order to pose yourself in a paticular way that must be justified by somesort of logic? If they can demonstrate that the bottom line of their argument is that they just hate americans then they are foolish. I feel that Americans in general cannot backup any of their feelings or actions because the majority of them are blind and stupid. (This is truth, not an insult). Go on then, I hope one of you guys can justify something to me. It will go towards my broadminded worldview. Cheers chaps.

By asdf hater , 17-11-2002

I am the king, I am the king - King Ink strolls into town he sniffs around

King Ink kicks off his stink-boot
sand and soot and dust and dirt and
he's much bigger than you think

By anonymous , 17-11-2002

RE: Kill Bin Laden - But, Torture him first

By anonymous , 17-11-2002

RE: Kill Bin Laden - But, Torture him first

By asdf hater , 17-11-2002

kill bin laden that bitch fucks donkeys - kill osama now

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