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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 22-11-2002

so is anyone going surfing in kuta in jan? - hey whats up? I am a sailor currently in the chagos archipelago (indian ocean) i am planning to go to Bali to ride waves. I am traveling from siNgapor and was wondering if any of yall have any advice regarding travel/the perception of westerners in Bali after the attack and the surf. THANKS

By TEZ , 21-11-2002

Webmaster what about a discussion area? - Instead of placing all discussion on the Bali spot, why not create a specific area for topical discussion? Seems like common sense.

By TEZ , 21-11-2002

Dear dear dear - I know, i did say that I would refrain from speaking politics again on this surf site, but I could not bear it any more. I have to say the majority of Americans on this page scare me. If the majority who reply (supposedly surfers)are like this then does it represent the majority of the U.S? You consider yourself the "Big Brother" "World Police Force". I think it has been proven that America ONLY goes to war if it benefits them e.g. Burma, Veitnam, Korea, Iraq etc etc. Phrases like preventing the "Domino effect of Communism" "Iraq the greatest terrorist" "Iran, the worlds most dangerous enemy", ring to mind. The only reason the USA ever got involved was to further strengthen their economy by ruling the global markets and creating a New World Order, regardless of the consequences to those who stood in their way ("You are either with us or against us"!). The "blow back" has now begun, Attacks on the whole west are occuring because of Americas history. The USA installed and supported Hussain and Bin Laden. They only became powerful to prevent communism, they are there because of America. This is Americas problem, attacks should remain in the USA. I do not condone any terrorism but I certainly saw this coming.

By asdf hater , 19-11-2002

mega man - dude you rule, in your own mind, but I am the king. Why dont you swap e-mail adresses with your mate here and you can solve the worlds problems for us!

By anonymous , 18-11-2002

no title - OOOOH say can you seeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

By Mega Man , 18-11-2002

and another thing... - Baseless? Mate, if you check out what I said you'll find it's all true. As for not doing anything...I'm winding you up aren't I?

By Mega Man , 18-11-2002

ps... - you think your media is liberal?!?!?! You stupid, stupid fucker! Is your mamma also your brother's sister? You really don't have a clue. Have you ever travelled to another country? Didn't think so.

By Mega Man , 18-11-2002

and the dumd yank said... - "Duuuude, Brahhh, Duuuude, It was super fun! Duuuude!" Laughter is sometimes a result of being nervous...are you afraid to realise the truth? If being disgusted by the country that causes the most pollution and disregard for the environment in the developed world is being a racist then you quite obviously don't know the meaning of the word. I've said b4, I don't hate all americans - I just hate what your country stands for - bullying, war-mongering, polluting, greed(there's a difference between this and capitalism) and ignorance. It's only America that thinks the rest of the world wants them as a global police - although there's a lot of symetry between your national police force who brutalise and harrass your minorities and your nation in it's dealings with the world. Word. I'm only one person with very little power, but that doesn't mean I should accept what I think is wrong with the world. If only you yanks had some wisdom...knowledge doesn't make an intelligent person, although it can open there eyes.

By anonymous , 18-11-2002

thanks for the laughs mega man - hey dumb ass,of course everybody wants us to be the world's police force,no one else has the balls to do it,you ignorant fucking far as our media printing the truth,about anything, that will never happen.our liberal,commie,dumocrap lovin media couldn't spot the truth if it was staring them in the face.
i've said this before and i'll say it again,it's idiots like you that make life fun and are the first to point fingers,talk shit and bitch about how corrupt all things american are but all you are really good for is a laugh.cowards like you and your type just talk and do nothing.i have to admit i get a good laugh everytime i read your racist,baseless rantings on sound like a longboard fairy,that wouldn't surprise me at all.until we see you marching on washington trying to change things or voice your thoughts just shut the fuck up.

By Mega Man , 18-11-2002

You REALLY love me! - Thanks to everyone who flatters me by their imitation of me...I guess I must have hit a nerve, although I'm sure you probably think I'm making it all up! Sadly I'm not. Some of you kids seem to be missing the point...I am quite sure that every American is not bad or evil - this can be seen by the public majority Gore won. Gore is not a great man either, but merely the lesser of 2 evils. One problem though is that you Americans managed to give complete control of your political system to one party...much like Iraq! How can you possibly be happy with your nation when you are one of the few countries in the world that puts to death BOTH the mentally retarded and juvenile(16 or under) offenders. The United States is among only six countries that impose the death penalty on juveniles. The others are Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. So, you're in good company. As for this 'American Surfer' really think that the rest of the world WANTS America to 'police' them? Of course not you stupid fuck! Your just the bully who tries to muscle in on things that don't concern you...although you do seem to have a habit of being concerned when oil is involved...
IN 1997 some of the Taliban leaders flew to Houston, Texas while Bush was governor to meet oil company executives from Unocal to discuss the building of a pipeline across Afghanistan. One of the feasability studies was done by Enron(Bush's largest contributor), whilst Haliburton was slated to build the pipe...Haliburton's CEO? Why Mr Dick Cheney of course! As soon as you had bombed the shit out of Afghanistan(despite the majority of the hijackers hailing from Saudi Arabia - where you get 25% of your oil from), Bush installed a former oil company consultant as the 'interim leader'. He then appointed a former Unocal consultant as the USA's new ambassador to Afghanistan. Convieniently a few months later a new deal was signed to build that pipeline...Oh and one last thing...the Bin Laden family have, until recently, been large investors in Bush Snr's comapany, the Carlyle Group...As you American's elect these people, don't you think these coincidences are a bit odd? Yet your media never covers them...very strange. If you think this is just some stupid conspiracy theory, I suggest you check the facts - cos that's what they are- FACTS. Check them may be suprised.

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