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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By anonymous , 21-12-2002

eliterits(sic) - cany yu rite bettir? Please resist the urge to post here unless you can answer the question. I don't want your two cents worth.

By anonymous , 21-12-2002

wayan - doný you have any betters to do, don't look to the past, continue doing what you also was doing

By anonymous , 18-12-2002

cheers - Could've guessed myself. Was actually looking for a bit more insight from anyone who's actually THERE. Thanks for stating the obvious anyway. Go find - a life. Spanker.

By anonymous , 15-12-2002

Ask a silly question - and you will get stupid answere like below. My guess right now is probably a great time for a surfer (as opposed to a partier) to go to Bali. Its unlikely to be a terrorist target again (for a while at least,) and meantime waves which ignore politics as a rule will be less crowded. Its not the real consistent time for surf though, but there is usually a wave somewhere. Go find.

By anonymous , 15-12-2002

no rants please - Back to my original question - is anyone there at the moment? I don't want to hear ill-informed psuedo-political babble. Keep quiet if you can't answer the question directly. Also, pleez use korect gramir and spellling.

By Gus , 12-12-2002

no title - OK, but you must admit talking surf with your keyboard is rather boring. You're right I am working 50 hrs a week at the moment. It takes me so sad when I think about all these waves breaking while I am sitting in front of my computer. So I can't stop worrying about world politics. If I was surfing I wouldn't post any messages, wouldn't even think about it. The good thing about surf is when you are at the lineup your brain is like "unplugged". Just staring at the ocean, waiting for the good big one. That's why I like so much surfing but I don't like "real surfers" as you call them. Those guys surfing whole year long are brainless. At least I got this point confirmed here. Keep on surfing, no matter. It's sad, that's it. The only thing your brain is still able to produce : sadness or happyness. You're fucked-up by adrenaline overdose. I wish I was surfing.

By guru , 11-12-2002

closed eyes - please quit talking political rubbish. surfing is supposed to be our thing. i expect most of you who are talking politics are sat in your offices 40 hrs a week wishing you could be real surfers.

if not then you really need to visit Bali and realise that this is a sad. not funny, just sad.

By Gus , 11-12-2002

Must be a joke... - Kid, after the recent events in Bali, we have started to talk about politics on this site. Anywhere else on this spot atlas people are talking about surfing. It must be bad luck if you first arrived on this discussion.

By anonymous , 11-12-2002

Gus - No Title might be a young kid, give him a break!!

By Gus , 11-12-2002

no title - If you leave in a democracy but refuse to talk about politics because "you don't know much about it", then you must be stupid. Democracy means power to the people. If the government takes decisions without giving a clear visibility on its intentions and motivations to its own people, then you are not in a democracy. It reminds me the famous "Affaire Dreyfus" in France. The government convicted Dreyfus to death for some "secret reasons", which were not supposed to be published because it was a matter of national defense. These "secret reasons" were bullshit and thanks to the courage and talent of Emile Zola, the truth was discovered. This remains in french history as one of the biggest scandal ever. Unfortunately, I don't think you have an "Emile Zola" in the US. And I don't think you realise how serious the situation is and how carefully you should act.

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