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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By a surfer , 21-01-2003

Bali... - Bali's fine, the tourism industry is up compared to the same time last year, I lived there for 3 years (in Kuta) and was there when the bombs went off, then i left and returned a month later to find a big empty gap in the surfer-tourism population. I'm out of there now but from what i hear it's the surfer population is getting back on up there again. There shouldn't be any worries as a surfer, although no more parties and no more scando chicks...
I'd be a bit worried about travelling out of bali(to lombok, sumbawa java etc...), what was allready a bit hairy has become worse from what i've heard and the likelyhood of finding yourself dead face down in a gutter has also increased. All in all it fine, support Bali, support the innocent people of Bali and have a good time.
ps:waves around this time of the year are still good, just over the other coast. The only problem is that it rains a lot which can be anoying if you're on holiday.

By , 21-01-2003

party and prices - Hi everyboby I'm planning a trip to Bali to surf,
but I'm a little worried about the party quality now after the bombings.
Anyone been there resently?
And then another question. How are the prices on boards?
I'm thinking about bying a new one. Can I buy it there?
Or is it better to by one at home and bring it?
Thanks for answer!!!

By anonymous , 21-01-2003 - you can find it in hotels on-line via internet while u'r surfing the net...kay dude...

By Mo , 20-01-2003

no title - Thanks Yung Lee,

Been on Bali last Sep. Oct. and loved it. It's too late now anyway: book my flight. Bali got me back. Cheers to everybody

By , 08-01-2003

hey--i am a teacher and have summers off, want to check bali out - does anyone have any suggestions regarding
-cheap places to stay
-cheap ways to travel
-is anyone going there this summer?
-any input would be super helpful, thank you so much!

By Yung Lee , 02-01-2003

this man 'anonymous' - this man 'anonymous' talk wrong , Sr. Mo. No wave in Bali heading eaast of the Bukit in March. leesten to me! i see tall wave in bali in autumn. but do careful attention to recifs. wave on low water and do attention! why you no reply to me?

By anonymous , 01-01-2003

Bali in March - Mo, March is pretty much before the start of the season in Bali. Look to heading eaast of the Bukit for more consistent surf. However, saying this, I've scored at the more well known breaks as early as April and as late as November. Be flexible.

By Yung Lee, Tokya , 31-12-2002

wave in March - in March one find tall wave in Bali. i was at bali for costume festeval in autumn and saw tall wave break on reef. but do attention! bali reef very high to water and has door force!

By Mo , 30-12-2002

waves in march - I've asked before, but once again. I'm about to book a flight for march. But I'm still not sure how consistent the waves are at the time. Anyone been there last year? Pls let me know.

By anonymous , 28-12-2002

Flights to Bali - Hi there folks, I am heading out in March and was wondering if anyone knew where the best place to get a flight to Bali would be? I have friends in Singapore so I will stop there and go into Sumatra but can't seem to find anyone that will give me a quote to stop off in Bali on my way to Sydney from London. Does anyone know how reliable Garuda are at the moment? When I eventually get there it will be be my 4th time in Bali - What a wonderful place and my deepest sympathy to the everyone affected by the bombing.

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